5 Tips To Get More Business In 2019, No Matter How Long You've Been In MLM

With an upcoming new year around the corner, many people are making their plans and goals to create more business.

But sadly, for many people, those goals and ideas will not get completed, and even in some cases, ever started.

So what can we do to increase business in our MLM's this upcoming year?

Well, I can share some tips with you that will certainly help increase leads, sales and signups if they are put into practice!

Let's look at those!

#1: Non Stop Prospecting

Everyone knows if we just simply prospected more people everyday, we'd have a lot team members at the end of next year.

But how can we stay consistent with keeping new people on the phone?

Well, it's actually a super easy obstacle to overcome.

Using genealogy leads to introduce your business to, will increase the average signup rate, and even bring new people from experienced MLM business owners.

So try using genealogy leads and hit your daily amount each and everyday!

Best way to do this, is by using "Leads For Life" with the MLM Recruit On Demand System

#2: Welcome Video

Since you now know how you can meet new people everyday, who have a proven interest for MLM, why not create a welcome video for each prospect.

As your new leads come in, self generated or someone you prospected over the phone, send them a welcome video by email or tell them where to find it.

This is a video you personally make yourself, and it is focused on you, your willingness to help the person watching the video, and why you picked the company you did.

This has much power to it, and really helps increase that "Know, Like and Trust" factor we need.

The more real it is, the more it will attract the prospects you meet to signup with you.

#3: A New Challenge

One tip to help out next year, is to add a new challenge to your daily schedule.

For example, if you've never made a video, try adding this to your strategies.

For some, it could be starting your own blog, or writing your first article.

Heck, even doing live broadcasts can be something to consider including to your strategies.

Either way, add a new strategy to your lead generation this upcoming year, and you will generate more leads then the previous year.

#4: Master A Social Media Platform

We all know and use social media, but very few of us ever "Master" any of them.

If you were to build a massive following on any one single platform, the benefit would be enormous!

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, etc...

Just make one of those a successful platform and you'll really increase business.

Pick one to really master this year, and focus more time on it then previously.

This doesn't mean to ignore the others, but only to put an extreme amount of effort into build just one platform's audience growth for more exposure.

(get one built to a large audience, and the others can grow too from it)

#5: Create A Schedule You Can Follow

No matter what strategies, paid advertising, or prospecting tool you decide to use in 2019, setting a schedule is the most important part of having it become a success.

If you do not have a schedule, and do not believe it'll make a difference, I challenge you to try it for just a week and see.

The amount of productivity you accomplish with a set schedule is so much more, that you will realize the importance of using one.

Set a schedule you can follow, and stick to it.

Do not try to overdo it too much, and wind up in the same boat as not using one at all.

If any of these tips would be easiest to follow, this is the one. And, it is the most productive one of them all too!

Did This Help?

If this gave you some new ideas to help bring 2019 to a successful year, please leave a comment below!

I always appreciate the comments and feedback!

Also, let's get connected here on MLM Gateway so we can continue sharing value with one another and get more benefit from this platform too!

P.S Want me to build you a HUGE downline throughout 2019? I will be doing just that, and you can take this free tour here, and I will do it for you as I go. If you like what you see, keep it.

This article was published on 27.12.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Anytime Steve, thanks for coming by!  1 year ago
Steve Ropp You have some good tips, I think I will be back here again. Thanks  1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks for the comment Mukasa Venture Partners! I am glad it helped!  1 year ago
Mukasa Venture Partners LLC is a great and insightful article with really great and applicable suggestions that differ from the run of the mill ideas. Thanks   1 year ago

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