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Hey welcome to my Paid 2 Save Network Travel Club Review

I know you might have heard about it on facebook or other social networks or you were approached by the member promoting this opportunity.

And the good news today you are here so that you can find out if this company is actually legit or scam?? So that if possible you can make money with it….,right?

I also did the same before I took step to join but I am going to give you a honest review without being biased since as I am also the member of Paid 2 Save Network Travel Club.

Worry not,you have come to the right place since in this blog post am going to walk you through the company.the products and the compensation plan so that you can make a right decision to you join or

Paid 2 Save is both the name of a company and a mobile app that has existed since 2013. The company is based in Temecula, California and is owned by David Hart of Hart 2 Hart Marketing.

Today in October has I am writing this review the company claims to have Paid Millions in Commissions and paid international members, as they have an International Platform and Its Debt Free.

The app is a downloadable piece of software that customers use to get discounts to local merchants. You can access it in any mobile device.

The company’s mission is to make travel, fun and freedom obtainable for everyone, hope this is what everyone else needs, This is what excited me to join as you already know Travel is the Second Trillionaire Industry and according to U.S Travel Association

“Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S averaged $2.6 billion a day,$108.1 million an hour, $1.8 million a minute and $30,033 a second in 2015” I think you can see how big is this industry is!! Paid 2 Save enriches people’s lives by providing an opportunity to create income from working from home and the ability to travel the world at tremendously discounted rates. Does this excite you too?? Anyways let me show you the products, Paid 2 Save Travel Club -The Products I found this recorded webinar which is the best tool to explain the program and you will also have access to this in your replicated website after you sign up.

Are you ready to get started?? Then CLICK HERE By the time I am writing this review the program is still in prelaunch so if you join before 24th October. You will pay $2 only to hold position,(paid by credit cards ) NO obligations, if you will not be qualified for commissions before October 24, then you can cancel your membership! NO RISKS to join!

These are The Paid 2 Save Products Travel Club Business System $125 Monthly (100) Personal Travel Club Membership 10 Trial Travel Club Membership each month that may given away to customers who register and put a credit card on file Required to take advantage of entire compensation plan Travel Club Membership $12.95 Monthly (10BV) Travel Vacation Portal Up to 50% off of published rates not available to the general public Over 400000 hotels around the world More than 6500 resorts and condos starting as low as 300 per week Discounts on rental cars,cruises and other activities

Entertainment Portal with up to 40%off movies,theme parks and sporting events (U.S Only) $100 in Dining and Shopping dollars every month (U.S Only ) Wholesale purchasing of travel,no dollars needed. Free Customer $0 Monthly (0 BV) You can a customer for Free by downloading the Mobile App Receive $50in Travel Dollars immediately Every time a Customer shares the app,they receive $25 more Travell Dollars After you download This app you will be requested to enter the referral ID you can use 87212,then my name Justin Mutalemwa will appear as your sponsor. You may start today to use this app to access discounts. Paid 2 Save Network Travel Club-Compensation Plan Here’s the International Compensation Plan video…

Watch it and make a wise decision…. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY Here are the nuts and bolts in summary:

• $2 to position yourself in a 3×10 matrix

Launching on October 24

• You need 3 people to become commission qualified, • Builder bonuses on 4th – infinity referrals

• 36 people in your team give you a monthly residual income of $1500 plus bonuses. • Holding tank for your referrals, you have 7 days to position and balance out your legs.

• Earn $10 from the $12.99 premium membership on customers up to your first 15 and then $5/month after

• Earn 40% commissions on FREE members when they purchase through the app or website

• $124.99 monthly which gives you 10 FREE memberships to give away

• Position yourself now and build your team during prelaunch and be ready for a significant monthly residual income .

• NO obligations, if you are not qualified for commissions before October 24, then you can cancel your membership! NO RISKS to join! Strategy •

If you are a leader, position your top 9 people closest to you in the matrix through your personal referral link

• Once those 9 are placed, work with your team using their referral links to ensure everyone is commission qualified before launch.

• Use your holding tank to balance your legs and distribute team volume equally. • A team of 150 people would give you $3000 monthly residuals, $5600 in rank up bonuses, PLUS builder bonuses on your other 6 personally qualified up to $3900 each!

Why Should You Join Under Me??

Since this is a forced matrix business,and the program is still in prelaunch, I joined under top earners and leaders who really promote crazily,so that I can position myself in a winning team,and really this team is exploding. Anyway It does not matter when and under whom you join as we don’t join opportunities but rather we join people, so when you join under me you will have my support via facebook chats,skype call or LinkedIn I am a reall person.

Moreover,my uplines who are top earners will schedule webinars,and now we are preparing capture pages also if you will need to purchase solo ads our team as traffic vendors so you will have the support you will need from us. Here’s the link to visit the webpage , go to “Pre Launch” to view the opportunity and the compensation plan. Click Pre Register to join and position yourself!

Hook for this opportunity Spend $2 to position yourself for a monthly income of $1500 Plus BONUSES! NO RISKS! NO OBLIGATIONS!! Hope you will make a wise decision if you have any suggestion or any question,or you enjoyed my review may u kindly leave your comments and may you spread love with others by sharing this blog postion

.in a less than a week since signing up,you can see am already qualified for commissions and approaching $1500/mo paid2save back office and results I will keep on updating this blog post so as to give you more details about this program.

Follow Me on Instagram. Follow Me On Twitter. Thanks Much and Lets Earn Together!!


Justin Mutalemwa.

This article was published on 12.10.2016 by justin mutakaju
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