Grow Your Ambit Energy Business

Ambit Energy provides a great business opportunity, and energy is a great product. But as every successful Consultant will tell you, achieving success requires a sound strategy and a lot of hard work. Here are a few steps you can take to move yourself closer to achieving your Financial Freedom.

Use Your Upline. Your upline is a great resource—it’s a team of experienced, successful Consultants who can provide you with advice, tips, timely information, contacts and the perspective of someone “who’s been there before.” Your upline really is one of your most valuable resources.

Unleash the Power of PowerZone. The more time you spend on PowerZone the more tools you’ll discover. It’s where you’ll find:

Social media tips, updates and resources

Professionally prepared advertising materials

Messages about upcoming events, business tips and more

Tools to help you track Customers, contests, promotions and more

Many other useful items to help you manage your business

Recognition and inspirational stories

Educate Yourself at Ambit U. Ambit U is the special corner of PowerZone dedicated to training. It’s where you’ll find videos, articles and reference materials, all conveniently organized to help you get the most out of your Ambit business.

Be Social. Be active on Ambit’s social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to keep in touch, and they’re also your source for:

Communication tools

Alerts and announcements

Sales promotion updates

Inspirational and motivational stories

Meet to Meet Your Goals. Attend as many meetings, training sessions, AMBITIONs, Simulcasts and other events as you can. You’ll find a full listing on our EventCenter. If you can’t make it to those, call in to our weekly Business Builder calls.


Adam & Michelle Carey

Executive Consultants | Grapevine, TX

(Michelle) My parents have been employees of the tourism industry for over 30 years, which means that every holiday is a mandatory work day for both of them. I was never able to spend Christmas day with them or have Thanksgiving dinner together because they always had to work.

Adam’s father, Chris, also has a very demanding work schedule. Both Adam and I know that we want the freedom to spend time with our family, especially in the future, when we start to have kids.

“I started my Ambit business to…”

…mainly help Adam. Adam was excited from the beginning and took on the bulk of building the business. A little time went by and I caught the Ambit bug, too. From the first couple months, we wanted Ambit to be our primary source of income, especially because both Adam and I were not making enough money in the industries that we were in. Now that we have met some of our goals, such as paying off our debt and building a residual income that covers our monthly expenses, I would really love to help our parents retire. In the next couple of years, we would like to purchase a house. Our goals are to also help the people on our team to be able to walk away from their jobs and do Ambit full-time. I feel blessed to have been able to do that, and would like to see others do the same.

Before Ambit

I was in the retail industry and was promoted to store manager. When I got the promotion, I felt awkward because I was not excited. I remember thinking that I was devoting all of my time to work, but did not make enough money to really get ahead. I feared that I was entering in the rat race. Adam was in between jobs. He was in boat sales for one of the largest boat dealers in the area. He started out with lots of promises of huge commissions. What he found was that he did not have any time to go boating with his friends and family, which is his favorite thing to do. He worked 6 to 7 days a week.

Favorite Ambit Moment

We have so many great memories with Ambit. AMBITION Black Tie 2009 has to be the funniest compilation of moments because seeing everyone let loose and dance is so fun for us to watch and participate in.

Adam & Michelle are actual Ambit Consultants. Their results may not be typical.

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This article was published on 03.03.2016 by Adam Morales
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