You need this PRODUCT!!!! Helps you manage Stress, and repairs your body!


Helps Boost Energy

Supports Cognitive Function

Increases Cellular Support

Enables Effective Stress Management

Supports Immune System

Encourages Healthy Digestion

Maintains Heart Health

Normalizes Blood Sugar Level

Promotes Joint Flexibility

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains many health-promoting vitamins and trace minerals including:


Encourages the body to detoxify

Maintains a healthy heart

Promotes a healthy nervous system

Converts proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 3 mg of Vitamin B-1 per 1 oz. serving.


Provides energy to cells in the body

Maintains normal hormone levels

Encourages the production of healthy blood cells

Promotes neurotransmitter function

Maintains healthy eyes and skin

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 3.4 mg of Vitamin B-2 per 1 oz. serving.


Essential for a healthy nervous system

Maintains proper digestive function

Helps hormone production

Helps convert proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy

Encourages the production of healthy blood cells

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 40 mg of Vitamin B-3 per 1 oz. serving.


Supports normal growth and development

Helps with stress (called the anti-stress vitamin)

Helps convert proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy

Assists in wound healing

Plays a role in the production of bile, vitamin D, red blood cells, adrenal gland hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 20 mg of Vitamin B-5 per 1 oz. serving.


Supports a healthy heart and circulation

Promotes proper nerve function

Encourages a healthy immune system

Maintains muscle function

Helps convert proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy

Plays a role in the production of hormones, red blood cells, enzymes, brain function, and skin health

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 4 mg of Vitamin B-6 per 1 oz. serving.


Essential to the production of red blood cells

Assists in the creation of DNA material

Supports a healthy nervous system

Helps convert proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy

Furthermore, a new study published in the journal, Neurology, shows that deficiencies in Vitamin B-12 are associated with memory and thinking problems, as well as brain shrinkage that may contribute to cognitive problems.

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 200 mcg of Vitamin B-12 per 1 oz. serving.


Prevents free radical damage

Vital for a healthy immune system

Essential to the production of collagen (necessary for tissue repair)

Promotes healthy gums, skin, and vision

Helps synthesize hormones

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 60 mg of Vitamin C per 1 oz. serving.


Helps in the production of genetic material (DNA and RNA)

Vital to healthy cell division and replication

Promotes proper fetus development

Encourages a healthy gastrointestinal tract

Supports the immune system

Maintains healthy gums, red blood cells, and skin

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 400 mcg of Vitamin B-9 per 1 oz. serving.


Promotes energy metabolism

Maintains healthy hair, skin, and nails

Essential for the growth and development of children

Helps convert proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 600 mcg of Biotin per 1 oz. serving.


Promotes a healthy heart

Supports proper vision

Normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Helps detoxify the body

Decreases lactic acid to reduce fatigue

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 1,000 mg of Taurine per 1 oz. serving.


Promotes relaxation response to decrease stress

Enhances alpha waves in the brain

Serves as a powerful antioxidant

Improves immune function

Supports blood flow

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 50 mg of L-Theanine per 1 oz. serving.


Essential for DNA production

Supports nerve transmission

Vital to the growth and reproduction of cells

Promotes healthy pregnancy

Helps metabolize fat

Kyäni Sunrise™ contains 25 mg of Inositol per 1 oz. serving.


Promotes healthy red blood cells

Regulates insulin production

Essential for stabilizing cells

Maintains proper pH levels

Helps produce new proteins and energy for the body

Required by every organ in the body.

Amazing Product Results - Defend & Repair every Cell in your Body!!!

Breakthrough new Superfoods product is one of the highest antioxidants you can find anywhere on earth today!

I must admit that I was most skeptical when I first heard about Kyani.  Everything I could find online seemed too good to be true.

I searched all over Google and YouTube, with only hearing amazing stories over and over about how much Kyani was making a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

My product finally arrived and I was anxious to try it and see if what I had been hearing online was true.  The product arrived and I took it as recommended in the morning the sunrise product and the Nitro together.

That afternoon I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt and how much natural energy I had.  I started to get excited about the potential of this product and what it could do not just for me but for everyone I could help.

So after seeing the results for myself: I was able to sleep better and noticed how energized I was upon waking up in the morning, normally before Kyani I would wake up and be very tired and some days it would seem as if I'd be walking around all day tired unable to "wake up".

After 2 weeks of taking the product I decided that I was in! I wanted in, so that I could truly benefit by helping others not only get Healthy but help them get Wealthy as well.

All my family has greatly benefited from this amazing product.  My mother has no more complaints about her joints hurting with arthritis pain after the first week on Kyani.  After the third week on Kyani she noticed her liver spots on her hands and arms have got so light in color that they are barely noticable!

My father in law no longer has to deal with the neuropathy pain in his feet anymore, and my father no longer wakes up with leg, knee or back pain anymore. He noticed after 3 weeks how great he was feeling and he also wanted in the business to help others!

It's OK to be skeptical at first, but prove it for yourself never let anyone sway your opinion but you!

Experience what Amazing Nutrition can do for you!  

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This article was published on 15.03.2016 by Justin Zinchini
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