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We have all gone through the struggles of trying to build a business and someone likely told us that everyone is our potential customer, or that we should just get out there and talk to people.

Well that couldn't be further from the truth.  We need to have a target market instead and while it might be nice to meet new people at the grocery store or gas pump, who really wants to ask them if they keep their options open for new opportunities?

That is the old way.

That is the bad way.

Now I am not saying that belly to belly marketing is wrong...heck I think you can have huge success with meeting people face to face...I am saying meeting people who are attracted to you and your offers is going to be much better than you tracking someone down in a parking lot or awkwardly prospecting them while they are serving you dinner at a restaurant.

Attraction Marketing Formula is an updated name to what used to be called "Elite Marketing Pro" and "Magnetic Sponsoring" which have been massively successful in the MLM and network marketing industries since the early 2000's.  This formula is one where there will still obviously be work involved but it will not be of the spammy kind.  Instead it is meant to attract only the ones who are targeted towards you and your product, who will reach out and want to find more.

They are more apt to click your ad or link in a blog post, video, social media post or similar and want to become a raving fan.

As a lacrosse coach in the past, I would not benefit from seeing someone selling a baseball bat at my tournaments so remember that everyone is not your customer.

If you are sick of the struggle and want a much smarter and easier way without having the act like a pushy car salesman, then by all means come check out the Attraction Marketing Formula here:

Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp

When you go through this free training bootcamp you will see there is a better way than what you have been doing up to this point and realize it can be easier and you can grow your business immensely with the right people on your team.

Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp

Right now is the best time in your life to get the training you need to learn the easier and smarter way to build your MLM company.

Having spent time learning these strategies over the years and having spent time in July 2022 at their live event in Las Vegas (Digital Networker Live, formerly called the No Excuses Summit) I can personally attest to the fact that the leaders of the company Ferny Ceballos, Tim Erway and Matt Crystal will do whatever it takes to help lead you on the path to what is working the right way.

Take the Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp course here right now for free!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner marketing helping you get targeted leads

This article was published on 06.08.2022 by Dave Gardner
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Elite Marketing Pro - Attraction Marketing, 47 USD to join
Attraction Marketing is the easier way to recruit and sponsor people into your business without the headaches of bugging everyone around you.

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