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There is a lot of advertising sites that have been around forever. You don't have to give it much thought to realize why. It's usually because of a combination of great results from real traffic and over all consistency, ease of use and a real variety of actually useful features.

LeadsLeap is right there at the top with the rest of them! The reason that members get real visits is quite simple. When an ad is clicked "surf activity" is monitored. You get credit for being on the site after about 5 seconds when you can move on if you want. If you stay on the site longer (up to around 10 seconds) you earn a higher amount. If you leave the site open for an extended period the click is not counted. This disallows tab surfing where viewers open up multiple tabs and never really look at sites. It's Brilliant!

I want to talk briefly about earning on LeadsLeap. I tend to look at it for the advertising more than the earning potential. That said, if you (as paid or free) surf 10 ads per day you are qualified for the Daily Active Bonus. This is a very small amount. You can also trade in your credits for a cash value, another very small amount. Moving on, if you have one or more websites you can upload an ad widget code to run Pay Per Click ads on your sites. A referral commission is also paid for your enrolled members who upgrade.  Between these methods it is quite easy to cover an upgraded membership cost.

Some other great features include a very good link tracker that has an optional AdBar that can be used in the tracker. A link Rotator for those who like to use them (I've never been a real fan do to conflicts between written ads and a site that has nothing to do with the ad) ((but that's just me))!

You can put up a Social Review of any site or opportunity. It will show in the dashboard page of other members. There is a pop up generator and a couple s for list building. You have the ability to have your recommended sites/products shown on your referrals dashboard pages.

A little more than an Ad exchange right? Take a look and join for free now!

You can remain free as long as you want. There is a onetime offer to upgrade at about $7 less than inside. This is a great site to upgrade in. 

This article was published on 25.03.2020 by Ken Bricker
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LeadsLeap - Advertising, Free to join

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