What is Cash Gifting?

That’s a question many recruits ask me and perhaps, a question that you are asking yourself.

What is Cash gifting?

Well I’ll tell you what it is not…it is not multi level marketing, it is not selling anything, it is not buying or storing products, heck its not even chasing people. If you are used to multi level marketing, and sales funnels, and payouts and a matrix, this might be foreign to you and certainly something you should look into.


What Cash gifting allows, is for you to align yourself with a group of like minded entrepreneurs who help each other achieve financial wealth….that’s it.

There is no selling because the website that you lead prospects to, does all of the selling. Recruits initially watch a three minute presentation that explains why Cash gifting might be for them. If they would like to learn more, they can enter their information into the site and then watch the entire presentation.

There are 7 videos to view that take approximately 50 minutes to get through.

Now here is the good part. The entire program is explained on the website.


Everything is laid out. No leading you from one website to the next. No series of fake, automated emails is sent to try and recruit you.

Prospects either like the video presentation or they do not. That way, only those that are truly interested, will contact you. If someone is not interested they will not call you back, and that’s OK. I mean who wants to waste time with someone who is not interested in your program.

Since everything is explained on the site, you only talk to those who have seen the presentation and want to learn more.

There is even a bi- weekly conference call that is held. There, you can listen to 70,80 or 90 other people who have shown interest in the program, and want to learn more.

You can ask questions, talk to other members and learn how they have been successful.

All you have to do is to get people to your site. You don’t have to sell,  as the website does that. In fact, selling is discouraged and might be the worst thing one can do, to get people to join this activity. There is simply no need to.

You owe it to yourself to spend less than one hour of your time to learn more about Cash gifting.

It might make you wonder why you’re even marketing , when you can have money gifted to you.

Carlos Cuevas

This article was published on 22.03.2016 by Carlos Cuevas
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