Who is Armand Puyolt?

Who is Armand Puyolt? Many people have probrably never heard this name unless you were in his previous company, which will remain unmentioned. Armand started in network marketing at the age of 18 and doing that first year, he was able to buy his first home. By the age of 20, he was a million-dollar earner and then, by the age of 25, Armand was a million-dollar earner. By the age of 25, he was a five-million-dollar earner. Armand was born in California where he still lives today. His parents are Mexican immigrants, who came to the United States for a better livelihood for their children. While growing up, Armand will see his father building and growing his own business and that where he got the desire to be a business owner. While in high school, he would sell candy bars from his backpack. He was introduced to network marketing by attending a company home party with his mom but he still wasn’t clear on what network marketing was about. In Armand’s first networking marketing, he didn’t recruit anybody; he hired the students in his high school to go door-to-door and selling the products of the network marketing company. People thought they were selling chocolate for the high school which they actually weren’t. Because people were buying, Armand was able to get to the top of the company because of sales, not recruiting people. Armand has a 3-step process that he teaches: 1. Have the product with you. 2. You need prospects. (move prospects) 3. Follow-up with your prospects. 4. Sort out your prospects. (Who is the customers and who is the distributor? Not everyone is going to be a customer and everyone is not going to be a distributor) Do not force a customer to be a distributor. Sort out your distributors on how much they want to make via a week, month, or year. 5. Duplicate – Make sure everyone shows up to events and learn. Regional events are more important. Personal growth is important in network marketing. Without personal growth, your business will not grow. Armand stepped out of network marketing for a year and a half but came back because of the people. He enjoyed seeing the smiles on the people’s faces because you are helping them. If people see you doing it, they are going to do it. At the age of 40, Armand is an eight-figure earner who has now started his own network marketing company, which is in pre-launch and I am a proud affiliate of. This man is the humblest leader I have seen in this industry. I have been a part of this industry for six years. Armand is married and have six children from the ages of 13-25. The family motto and the company motto is lead with love. Everything with do, we need to do it with love in our actions and words.

This article was published on 20.06.2016 by Artreice Westmoreland
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