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We are in the SOLUTION business, so whoever you speak to about your opportunity, make sure you’re providing a solution for that prospect. Your solution to their problem is your value!

People join this industry for a number of reasons. Some will join to make money, some will join to lose weight, some will join to look younger, some will join to buy healthier products and some will join for other reasons. No matter why they join they join because it's answering a need or desire in their life.

Whatever they need or want in their life, it's your job to figure it out and articulate how Opportunity can be the answer. Ask questions to find out what matters to them and add any value you can. It’s always best to LEAD with your product and NOT your business opportunity. If you lead with the products most will use the products. If you lead with the business you may scare some away.

Again, we are in the SOLUTION business. If you don’t know what your prospects NEED you can’t help them. Can you sell steaks to a vegetarians?… of course not, so wouldn’t it be smart to know who these people are FIRST, and find out what they need before you PITCH your opportunity? Can you sell a car to people who have just purchased a car? No, but if you asked questions, you would know these people just purchased a car and you would not try to sell one to them.

Asking a lot of questions will benefit you a great deal. Sadly… very few do this. Most will jump in with both feet, pitching their opportunity without ever trying to know the person they're speaking to. This approach is 99.9% a guaranteed failure.

Ask questions. If you don’t know your prospects very well, see what you can do to add VALUE for them. If a person is pencil thin, a weight loss product might not be the best thing to introduce him to. If a person is very well off financially, he may not be motivated by the business side of Opportunity. If a person talks to you about having dry or itchy skin, introduce him to a skin care line.

Regardless of what you want or what you need, I can help you get to where you need to go.  You can see in my other business announcements that I know what I'm doing and that I know what I'm talking about.  Your success is guaranteed if you team up with me.

Let's connect - http://yourturn.my-online.business

This article was published on 25.07.2016 by Richard Wyche
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Michael Okpara I will also like to join your group.How do i pay for premium membership?  1 year ago
Michael Okpara Hello, I would like to introduce two powerfull network NGOs i belong to: 1.An NGO called Helping Hands International(H2)whose aim is to help people, especially those who cannot h  1 year ago
Tracy Podaima Great advice Richard !   1 year ago

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