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The third party company that ranks network businessesThe New  Network Business Rankinghas just announced in their new report that Ibuumerang is the #1 fastest momentum network business in the world. Ibuumerang is breaking records in so many fronts, no other company has been able to do this during their first one year in business. There is a lot of firsts about Ibuumerang. The founder Holton Buggs is popularly known as the Michael Jordan of Network business, was the first person to make $100M from one company in one year. He has also created 45 Millionaires even before he launched his own company, the Ibuumerang. It has one of the best compensation plans in the industry with up to $250,000 per week for highest performers. Many millionaires left their original businesses to join this new company that is believed to be the next Amazon and Ebay. The founder is a genius, all the products are given to customers for free and one they begin to use it, members of Ibuumerang make fortunes and the most interesting thing is that they only make money when their customers save money while their customers get their products for free. Over 8,000 people attended the launching in Houston March 2019, it was the day that the Mayor of America's 4th largest city declared Holton Buggs' day. An average of 10,000 folks join Ibuumerang in over 188 countries around the world. To get more information about Ibuumerang, one should, visit: http://umustsee.net/DDE9GO

This young company uses to notch technology and artificial intelligence to make job much easier for follow up. Members can share business for less than 3 minutes and the technology will do the follow up and the rest of the closing. The cost of starting this business is amazing low for a business that pays so much. To start costs $49.45 and the highest level is $1000. It is obvious that cost of membership of this company will definitely go up. I will not be surprised if the startup goes up to anywhere between $5000 and $10,000 in no distant future, considering the growth and the compensation plan of Ibuumerang.

Amazon used books as their flagship but Ibuumerang used Trave, an $8 trillion industry(the biggest industry in the world). Customers get "buumerangs" for free and that gives them a free Wholesale Travel Websites where they book different kinds of travel expenses for up to 35%-70% less that regular price , hotel accommodations, Cruises, Rental cars etc. Ibuumerang has already launched a second flagship called Vibe Rides, the Uber version of transport with a difference, members give both drivers the free apps but get paid whenever the drivers are paid and every time a rider pays. This means that drivers will make money when they are driving as well as when they are sleeping if they happen to have introduced some drivers to the Vibe Rides. Members are well paid for products they gave out for free, be it Buumerangs or apps. Many of us missed the Amazon, the Ebay, the Uber and the Facebook, we better don't miss this one which has every potential to be like Amazon ones they continue to grow the way they are doing.

This article was published on 09.06.2020 by William Ugwu
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IBUUMERANG - Free Give-Away, 299.95 USD to join

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