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Global Intergold is the portal of the Global iGold UK Limited sales, international gold supplier with Administrative Office in Geneva, Switzerland. Recorded by the Swiss Government - Number of CH-660.3.048.013-9 register MONT-BLANC BUSINESS CENTRE Rue de Chantepoulet 11201 Geneva - Email: . The entire program Global InterGold moves in the Swiss jurisdiction and under the associated regulatory oversight. The name Global InterGold is registered in Switzerland, and protected by Swiss and international law. Visible through the site . Global InterGold operates in accordance with the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce of 1996 and the EC Directive 2000/31 of the European Parliament and the European Council of 8 June 2000. UNCITRAL whose acronym stands for the United Nations Commission for the right international trade is the main organ of the United Nations dedicated to the rights of international trade, and contributes to harmonize and unify the laws around the world related to international trade.

Global InterGold markets through Global iGold UK Limited European companies (EU) regulated and registered in England - Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J6BD United Kingdom - Gold bullion for investment (24Kt - 999.9), from 1 to 100 grams, of the most important refineries, world leaders: Hargor, Hargor Heraeus and others.

Essentially Global InterGold is reselling online retail for the parent company that sells wholesale physical gold in large pieces.

Global InterGold is nothing more than an online web shop (e-commerce) where every customer can register and make its purchases of gold bars 24 kt 999.9 purity.

I can buy:

  1. welding immediately buying
  2. paying it in installments.

The Company, in addition to selling its product in the traditional way as any e-commerce, has made available for customers a Marketing Program that allows the customer to purchase a set of gold bars worth paying a small deposit total and completing the purchase with credit bonuses that the Company shall issue to the customer after being gainfully promotion and attraction of new clients.

3.OPTION: Buying gold through a "loyalty program".

  • I book a Gold Ingots set the value of € 1,040.00 or € 1,400.00 or € 7,000.00.
  • Towards a deposit of: € 150.00 or € 375.00 or € 540.00 and € 1,050.00.
  • We recommend (PRESENT) our 2 new clients to the company.
  • You will receive the set of gold bullion value of € 1,040.00 0 € 1,400.00 or € 7,000.00.

NB All through invoice

CAUTION: In compliance with Law 21 of 21 February 2014 came into force June 14, 2014, you have access to the "14 DAYS OF WITHDRAWAL" or the time available to exercise the right of withdrawal in the case of sales to distance (on the internet, by phone but generally outside the store).

Global InterGold and its strengths:

    It offers the client the possibility to create their own assets in gold.
    Offers the client the possibility to earn money in a passive and unlimited.
    It fosters cooperation among the people.
    Due to its simplicity, it allows anyone to develop this business.
    It has a merit system.
    It is legal and recognized around the world.
    It favors the redistribution of global wealth and personal growth.

Global InterGold has two objectives:

    Give a chance to those who have no money, to accumulate gold.
    Expand, in this way, its world-wide market.

The Company Global InterGold not only sell gold in the traditional way, it has developed a system called the purchase "GoldSet Program" that allows anyone to EARN GOLD forever investing a few hundred Euros the first and only time!

This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Giuseppe Sotera
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