The most successful MLM you barely know

I am a representative that promotes a 22-year-old product from a 15-year-old company that virtually no one knows about. This has been the craziest experience of my life. No one else has this product and everyone wants the proven results it gives you. Now you understand why It Works Global is the fastest growing company in MLM and has doubled in sales each of the last 7 years.

Poised to blast past $1B in sales and utilizing social media more effectively and unlike any other company before in the industry, they still only have 1% of the marketplace. Unlike many companies with products you can barely pronounce and aren't sure you really want in your body, It Works Global offers health-conscious customers, various lines of plant-based, certified non-GMO nutritional supplements and the beauty phenomenon, the Ultimate Body Applicator aka, the Body Wrap. 

Discovering this gem in Mexico, CEO Mark Pentecost formed a direct sales start-up in 2001 that has since expanded into other natural health and beauty products. The secret is in the plants. When you add natural supplements to your body, it uses them effectively because it recognizes them and doesn't flush them out as it does artificial, lab-manufactured supplements. 

Pentecost, the former teacher and basketball coach, was inspired to start It Works after a successful career in a telecommunications MLM that he left because they didn't change with the times. He left the now-defunct company and decided that when he jumped back in he would have to own the company. With this mindset, he developed an opportunity that makes its decisions and created its business platform with the distributor's best interest in mind. You would be hard-impressed to find a better compensation plan in the Direct Sales industry. Distributors enjoy 53% of the revenue paid back to them in commissions and 7 customers for every company rep. 

With a first-to-market affordable product that offers results only invasive, dangerous and costly surgery can match, It Works hasn't scratched the surface of what it will achieve. The company currently has only 140,000 - 150,000 distributors in 15 countries. The variety of ways they are compensated means the sales force can be profitable right away even if you don't build a network. 

You obviously understand the power of Network Marketing or wouldn't be on the website. It Works checks off all the boxes you need for a successful Direct Sales giant. If you're not sure if this is for you, ask me and I will answer the following questions and show you why I believe this worth your time and effort:

1) Compensation: How do you get paid? Is your pay commission-based? 

2) Variety of products: You don't want a narrow line of products.

3) Income potential: Do you personally know people who are making serious money?

4) Income potential: How much money is the highest paid person making that you personally know?

5) Support: Do they provide teaching, training, encouragement and support?

6) Backend: An ordering system that includes shipping, customer service, payment processing, returns? All handled by the company?

7) New products: Are new products rolling out on a regular basis?

8) Corporate values: What is the heart of the executive team?

9) Passion: Would you buy and use the products even if not paid?

10) Ingredients: Can you stand behind the ingredients, and not just the function?

11) Start up: How much are your start-up costs?

12) Start up: Do you receive anything for your initial investment or is it just a fee?

13) Cost: Do you have to hold inventory?

14) Quota: Is there a monthly minimum sales quota required for you to be paid?

15) Security: What is the stability of the company?

16) Fit: Are the products aligned with your passion and interests?

17) Support from corporate: Do they offer sales, promotions and other ways of helping their distributors sell?

I am here to add value to others lives and would love to help you use the Direct Sales vehicle to change your life. Reach out to me. 

You were made for more,

Chuck Ellis


This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Chuck Ellis
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