IASO TEA: The One-Stop-Detox to Optimal Health

Ever heard of a "One-Stop-Shop"?  What about a "One-Stop-Detox"?  IASO Tea is the "One-Stop-Detox-Shop".  This 100% natural, organic tea comprised of nine herbs:  blessed thistle, holy thistle, malva leaves, marsh mallow, myrrh, persimmon leaves, papaya, chamomile, and ginger, combine to synergistically purify the liver, kidneys, and colon, resulting in the removal of intestinal worms, flukes, parasites, hardened fecal matter and other toxins lodged inside.

Without making medical claims, the testimonials of people of all ages and walks of life concerning IASO Tea and  its help with weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol,  stress, high blood pressure, asthma, lupus and more, are undeniable.

With only two 8 oz glasses a day after your two largest meals, and an optional 4 oz glass after a snack, will give you a complete cleanse of your internal organ system.  

The foods we eat today cannot be compared to the foods our grandparents and great grandparents ate yesteryear.  Today, our foods are subjected to injections and sprays that both promote rapid growth and kill pests.  Unfortunately, these things are not intended to be injested by humans into the human body.  Add to this the fact that many people are simply unable to eliminate the toxin build-up inside the body, as waste.  Up to 20 or more pounds of hardened fecal matter can become lodged inside the colon, becoming a culprit for many of the acute and chronic illnesses causing many people to suffer.  For this reason, detoxification is necessary.  

IASO Tea is not a harsh detox; but one that provides a gentle yet thorough cleanse that helps bring the body back into balance.  Once the body's balance is restored, it can begin to correct itself and be better equipped to fight disease.  

For optimal health, drink IASO Tea, and begin enjoying the benefits of detoxifying and cleansing your internal organs daily.

To order your IASO Tea, visit www.inspiredtolivehealthy.com.  IASO Tea can be taken hot or cold, and is best when taken with IASO NutraBurst, a whole food liquid vitamin filled with a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals in a single tablespoon.    IASO NutraBurst contains 72 minerals, 12 herbs, 19 amino acids, 13 whole food greens, antioxidants, and 22 phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables.  Just one tablespoon a day is like eating 12 salads!

For additional information about IASO Tea, IASO NutraBurst or any other IASO products, please contact:  Regina Osei, 901-299-1220, or Email:  reginaosei@gmail.com.
This article was published on 03.05.2016 by Regina Osei
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