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Vegan is not a luxury, it is the way of life

 Hello. My name is Professor Mascheria. I wanted to share this story and I pray and hope that it will help someone. I understand that everyone is promoting their businesses and that is great. But the key factor is missing and that is our health. So many people are dying because they are not taken their health seriously. I am not like the others that promote all the new things that are floating around the internet. What I am promoting is real back by science that vegan is not luxury it is a way of life. In growing up I did not eat meat but once a week. Not because we were too poor to buy but because it was not that important. I am a student of one of the world's best schools that our rank Harvard and Yale medical school. Not to take away for these schools but so show some light on other schools. Everyone wants to create some kind of business in the health field but have no kind of understanding how it works. It's about the all mighty dollar. I am a student of Health and Science Academy out of London.UK. I just got done taken a class on what is veganism and I am here to say it shock me to my coil. I am also studying style medicine. in which I am working on my Phd. But this class opened me up to a whole new world in which what I thought I knew but did not know. Many Youbers and other Vegan Social media are giving out wrong information. I saw a young lady that looked like death was taking over her because she went vegan without learning the factors of what it really means to be vegans. Now I want to make this clear there is nothing wrong with eating meats the bible speaks about it. The problem is that these hungry companies are so greedy adding stuff to these babies and making them grow but too crazy to see that when we eat the meat the mess gets in our bodies. And that is wrong. Now being vegan is not this beauty thing that people are cooking up. It is a way of life and much healthier for you. I have teamed up with a company called Grow Towers Project that is helping people in promoting great health in eating the right foods. Also I can not lie I am sharing my school. They made me an ambassador for the school. It is not about money it is about teaching people the right and correct way of being healthy. And I want to share my school with you and maybe you have a young person in your family that does not know what they want to be or do. In Health Science Academy you have many fields to choose from. They teach you from learning to starting your own business. And they are certified and honored throughout the world even in the states. Because of them I was able to start my own school teaching about a healthy lifestyle. My school is on youtube Better health for women and men training center. So far I have 51 students. when someone subscribe they become my students. There is so much that the medical field can do. And we as people can help stop all this sickness and hunger if we work together. Not only does the Grow Towers Project help with eating right it also help by putting a stop to hunger. The problem is that people do not want to work. They would rather beg than really get their hands dirty. Food prices have jumped through the roof. But if we could agree it does not have to be that way. You have farmers that are willing to sell to you but yet you rather go and buy from the food store and pay all those high prices. We can change this if we get the proper education and this is why I am sharing about my school. I am proud to be a student of the Health Science Academy. I am proud to promote the Grow Towers project because they are changing the world one small step at a time. I would like for you to be apart of this and learn the right way. Here are my links for grow towers project . And also my wonderful school that I love so much . use code Lady if you take a class. I can not stress this enough. The school is real and top of the line in health education. 

Thank you for taken the time to read my announcement.  And have a safe and Happy Year. 

This article was published on 29.01.2023 by Mascheria perduenabbs
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