Once the realm of the rich, Gold is now available to EVERYONE!!

Yes this business is going crazy : ) I just won a Prize and going to Cape Town in June for a Karatbars Convention

New developments are:

1: New Voice over Blockchain patented technology Impulse K1 Smartphone, unlimited data, storage, no roaming charges, private Conventions, secure, Crypto wallet and much more.

2: Gold backed Crypto symbol KBC trading on most exchanges

3: Owe Crypto currency exchange called Karatbit

4: New Token called KCB as Karatbars opens first Crypto currency bank in Miami

5: Developing own Blockchain called Mainnet

6: Better compensation plan

7: Karatbars product line starts from €150 -€1,000,000

Check this out https://impulse.technology/

Save in Gold 

We will show you how to SAVE Gold Bullion in small gram bars AND get paid in both Gold and Money by teaching others to do the same!

Would you like to find out how masses are building wealth empires with 24 Karat physical gold and an increasing CRYPTOCURRENCY which is BACKED BY PHYSICAL GOLD?

For the first time ever you can become a member of a global and fully licenced Gold and Crypto Bank who shares its fees with its members!

Positioning in Assets has never been so much fun or accessible by everyday folks!

Are you on autosave?? By accumulating 1g at a time creates future wealth and protects the pennies that were in your pocket!

In 1920, 1kg of gold bought a luxury new car.

In 2019, 1kg of gold buys you a luxury new car.

If you had the £232 to buy the car in 1920, would you have enough today to buy the new car??

If you are not saving, start TODAY! It's the backbone of the business and you can earn a passive income.

Gold and Digital Gold new Order

What can the ownership of 000s of digital assets mean to you as they escalate in value purely on the back of the masses adopting and using technology to communicate, exchange value and do business....

It is THIS that KCB represents and YOU have the tools available to you via products such as the K Phone, K Merchant, Karatbit etc.

Share and Educate this far and wide PLUS the essential need for PHYSICAL GOLD and you have helped someone with their financial position for good!

Some exciting times where Gold Meets Crypto, do not wait any longer register your account today!


This article was published on 16.05.2019 by David Ingham
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KaratBars - Gold Crypto, 300 USD to join

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