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Hi there.  My name is Joseph Gannon, and I'm the administrator of the Meats4Life website and "Meat of the Month" Club meat home delivery service and networking opportunity.  The reason I put this program together through my partnership with Texans Choice LLC out of Ogden, Utah is to help you have access to better quality meat at a price you can afford.  My goal is provide the best meat for you and your family, RESTAURANT QUALITY meat without the trimmings, so that you're getting more for your money as far as edible portion is concerned, and so that you're getting all natural meat that hasn't been treated with dyes or chemicals to give it the fake impression of being fresh.

In doing some research, I've found a few articles and videos that mention tricks supermarkets use to be able to sell meat and keep it on the shelf longer.  This is an outrage.  One such tactic used by meat packers is to treat meat with carbon monoxide, and doing so helps the meat keep an unnatural red color for up to a month, even after the meat has spoiled.  Have you heard news stories recently of people getting sick from store bought meat?  Ever wonder why?  Now you don't have to.  Here's a link to a video I found to confirm it.

What are you going to do?  I hope you stop buying meat from your local grocer and switch to private meat suppliers that don't treat their meat with harmful chemicals.  Instead, make the switch to Texans Choice and Meats4Life.  You can buy meat directly through our website by the box or by the case, or you can join the "Meat of the Month" Club opportunity, pay an annual membership, refer a few others, and start receiving deliveries of meat to your door.  All products are 100% natural, USDA certified, flash-frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness.  Meat products are ONLY available to residents in the US and parts of Canada.  If you live outside of the 48 connected states or Canada, you may participate in the Club and simply earn the cash as you cycle through the program instead.

Seafood Case

Right now, the "Meat of the Month" Club is in pre-launch, and you can get started in our marketing team (38 spots left) for a one-time payment of only $5, and never pay another dime.  To get started with us, visit

If you have any questions, you may contact Joseph Gannon directly @ (480) 744-1665

This article was published on 08.07.2016 by Joseph Gannon
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Meat of the Month Club (US) - Gourmet Meat, 5 USD to join

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Hi All,This business is certainly very robust and going places - a one time payment and everyone helps there downline after getting 2 signups, which of course your upline will help you.Michael.

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