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I am Excited to introduce to you the amazing opportunities in investing in gold bullion bars, prior to this time , i have known or thought that gold is a precious metal that only the rich can afford, As such all i could do was dream and wish of having gold grams NOT  the jewelries.  This assumptions was put to rest after a total stranger whom i met on a social media, introduced Swiss gold company which deals with 24 karate gold bars ranging from 1 to 100 grams in different weights and sizes.  As a partner, the company gives you the opportunity to acquire this precious metal, from any financial level you are, the benefits of partnering with this amazing company, can never be over emphasised, without taking much of your time i would like to briefly  explain below the procedures and process of becoming a partner with Swiss Gold, which have its administrative offices across the globe, with partners in over 80 countries of the world.

Steps to join and earn gold bullion bars and Euros in Swiss gold is as follows

1. Start up capital of 200 Euros gives you the bonus of 540 euros  worth of gold 3 times 

2. Start  up capital of 740 Euros gives you the bonus of 2,100 Euros worth of gold  3 times ( you can sell back the gold to the company and receive cash equivalent  within 24 hours this is applicable in all your earnings)

3. When you start with 2,800 Euros you would receive a bonus of 8250 Euros  3 times 

4. When you register with 9,850, you will get paid 29, 600 Euros 3 times.

Kindly Note that all bonuses will be paid upon completion of your 8 people team.

5. As a partner with Swiss Gold, you can also decided to purchase gold directly from the company without enrolling in the marketing program or enroll , build your team  and become a leader just like me, As a leader you are also entitled to a monthly income, luxury gifts, All expenses paid trips etc.

Before i conclude i want to encourage you to sign up today and don't let this opportunity pass you by, having in mind that achieving what you want to achieve, often requires embarking on a new journey, bridging the gaps and breaking new grounds.

Benefits of joining Swiss Gold Marketing Program is as follows..

1. No Monthly Subion

2. One time referral

3. One time investment

4. Our product ( GOLD) is generally accepted as a legal tender globally

5. No hawking No selling 

6. Gold can be used as a collateral to mention just a few.

I encourage you today to join us using  any of these links and email

This article was published on 07.12.2018 by Ezinne Onwuka Kama
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Swiss Gold - Network Marketing, 250 USD to join

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