Build Long Term Relationships And Sell More with Email Marketing


One of the great advantages to using AutoResponders for your email marketing is that you can generate repeat sales with the click of your mouse button. Once you collect that email address from your web site visitor, you can use your AutoResponder to create drip campaigns to nurture that relationship and close sales, time after time. The key to repeat sales is building a strong relationship with your customer, which is based on trust, mutual respect and constant communication. AutoResponders can help you do that. Focus On Your Customer Be sure you prepare content in your follow up messages that will help your subscribers achieve their goals. You can send a course on becoming a professional writer, learning Spanish, getting fit, learning music, building their business, or weight loss tactics. The key is to make sure your product or service and your company stay on their mind so they think of you whenever they are ready to order again. Of course your goal is to generate sales but you want your message to be focused on showing your subscribers how you can help them achieve THEIR goals. A good general rule to follow is to keep your message about 60% focused on sales content and about 40% focused on good educational information that is not directly sales focused. Be Consistent Little things like making sure you keep a consistent name and email address in front of you subscribers can help with your email marketing open rate, customer retention, and repeat sales. When your subscribers recognize you, they are more likely to open your messages. Two big factors in determining whether your email gets opened or not are: “Who is this from?” and “What is this about?”. If they recognize your name and your subject line offers them some sort of help or solution, they are much more likely to open your message. Respect The Relationship When someone gives you their email address, they are saying to you, “I trust you enough to let me send the requested information. You are just starting a relationship with that subscriber when they fill out your form. Respect the relationship by following a few simple guidelines. Keep your schedule consistent. If you offer weekly tips, don’t try to squeeze multiple emails in to a few days. And don’t “forget” to mail them for a few weeks. Deliver what your promised on the time frame your promised. Keep your content focused. If you offered someone information about losing weight and you are all of a sudden sending emails about music lessons, your subscribers are going to lose interest. Don’t share your list with others. You built your list by offering your web site visitors information they are interested in. If you share your list with others, you will begin to see your list shrink as people unsubscribe very quickly. Build and foster solid relationships with your prospects and customers to build and grow your business with both new and repeat sales.

James Morgan

This article was published on 09.08.2016 by James Morgan
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