Gold is money. Money is a possibility!


GoldSet is an international online shop INTERGOLD Global, which markets the world's leading manufacturers of high fineness gold bars investment, customer loyalty program. In exchange for promotional work INTERGOLD Global offers its customers the opportunity to earn loyalty points - bonuses. The bonuses are purchased investment gold, which can manage and handle on your own: 

GoldSet What are the advantages?

Business simple and clear. Available to everyone.  

The minimum initial capital.  

Minimum conditions for receiving bonuses. 

Product - physical investment gold bars.  

It is a big benefit.  

The ability to create a career and raise unlimited benefits. 

No risky operations. 

Legitimate, elitist, long-term, viable and reliable brand business.  

There is no need to sell.  

GoldSet Marketing Promotion Program Terms

Registration (required passport and a copy of the document with the address where you live: it can be phone bills for gas, electricity accounts for). Registration is free. When you registered you can see all rules and all information. 

We pay a downpayment (advance) for the selected set of custom gold

Gold sets of orders: -

GoldSet Multicard. The initial contribution of 375 €

- GoldSet Goldline. The initial contribution of 1050 €

- GoldSet Smart. The initial contribution of 275 €

- GoldSet Pro. The initial contribution of 450 €

- GoldSet Start. The initial contribution of 150 € - Standard GoldSet. The initial contribution of 540 €

Qualification - we recommend GoldSet loyalty program at least 2 partners, which also fulfill the following conditions. More partners are not obliged to invite, but we - the partners is unlimited. 

These conditions (advance and two partners) must be satisfied in one single time!

And what kind of guarantee? Is my money disappear? zero risk. Valid Consumer Rights Law

The customer can change your mind within 14 days. of the premium paid and terminated the order to withdraw the entire amount.

Booking payment opportunity

The client in any order table level can pay extra amount lacking to buy gold in the past to complete custom marketing program. 

Advance-back guarantee

Otherwise the customer qualifications (not recommendation a minimum of two people) until Reservations passes the full cycle, the company returns the full amount of the initial deposit. 

How to withdraw money?

After the table the company pays for the work which puts gold in your office. Since most of the customers in this business has come for the money I'll tell you how to make gold in cash. There are several ways: 

A) removable Master Card Swiss card and from the card to transfer ONLY in your personal account (not his brother, not his mother's only in your personal account) 
B) can be used in Europe Swiss card. 
C) in the form of coupons. 

It is also possible:

A) to collect gold and keep the Swiss repository (month costs 3 euros) 
B) gold billets can be downloaded to any country in the world (it is registered and insured shipment) 
C) 1 keystrokes, we can sell the gold back to the same company (and the company payable at euro). 95 percent of people in this business come for the money. 

This business without charge, so that bonuses are exempt from all over the world.

What company are you? 

The company lives in the gold price difference. We buy gold (after paying a deposit) more expensive and sell more cheaply (if you want the euro) from the difference between a company and earn. In reality, the best accumulation of gold. But choosing each for himself what he needs. This manifests that if we earned gold we reserve the gold in the form of a company do not earn anything. But if we want to sell gold and get euros for the company earns bought and sold gold difference.

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Want to know more? Write and put more information. Gold is money. Money is a possibility!

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This article was published on 21.08.2016 by Mantas Vengalis
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