Crowd 1 and Epic Promotion

Crowd1 is an online network marketing company operating in the Social and Gaming sector and providing residual income to anyone who invests in the platform. People are becoming millionaires on a monthly basis through the platform and it is considered the largest and fastest-growing network of investors all over the world.

THE FIRST 100% MOBILE NETWORKING COMPANY, featuring fully both an android and iOS app adapted for every global market with high-end real-time mobile technology, thus affording you the unique opportunity to turn your smartphone into an ATM.

It's affiliated with Affilgo and Miggster. Affilgo is involved in creating online gaming and gambling software and its products. Miggster is involved in mobile gaming, e-sports, and social gaming products used by billions of people daily.

A little Breakdown!

Let's talk about when we reach 10 million members in a few months time. Big companies will now want to affiliate with Crowd 1 because they want the Crowd in the network to buy their goods or services. Let's say BMW wants to market their cars in Crowd 1 the very same way they do on other platforms like Facebook and Google. They will have to pay marketing fees. The Crowd 1 members will then share these fees among themselves as monthly residual income. Now imagine how much money Facebook and Google make just by advertising fees. Facebook made over $50 billion in 2019. Now imagine sharing $50 billion amongst ourselves.

Look at Crowd 1 logistically, understand the vision. The Advert industry is the second-fastest growing industry with over $350 billion yearly. You haven't seen anything yet!

When people start flooding-in, investors will be earning. Every time people gamble or download the games or do something related online, we earn. Every time they play games or gamble, we will be earning. So, we make money while sleeping


1. Streamline bonus: You get it without recruiting but you get more when you start recruiting

2. Fear of loss: It's a gift from the company you get it when you bring 4 paid members within 14 days from the very day you signed up and picked your own pack.

3. Binary bonus: It's a bonus that is currently making people millionaires in just one month. You get this bonus every time you bring a person who will give you points on your weaker leg. It is paid the same time and withdrawable instantly.

4. Matching bonus: It's a bonus that you get whenever you add 2-persons to your team (i.e. One person on your left and one person on your Right). You are also expected to teach them how to make money with the binary bonus. Each time they also bring someone into the platform, you will get 10% of everything they make. For example, if your downline gets 36 you get 3.6, I hope it's clear.

5. Network levels: When you get the binary bonuses you also get points that will push you up the ladder. So, from level 1 to level 10, it is guaranteed that we will get monthly cash pay-out from the gaming and gambling activities.

6. Affiliate residuals income: You get this income monthly when you share those gambling sites on social media. There will be links given to us for sharing the games and gambling activities like sports betting and many more.


Turn 99 To 4,000 Monthly Salary!

JOINING PACKAGES (You can Register for FREE, but you will be given 9 days to activate your account with any of the packages listed below.

  • White = 99
  • Black = 299
  • Gold = 799
  • Titanium = 2,499

We have live webinars weekly for us to attend and our top leaders are the presenters (ZOOM meetings)


Direct Referral Bonus:

This is a bonus to be earned when your referral buys one of the following packages:

  • 99 (White) = 36
  • 299 (Black) = 108
  • 799 (Gold) = 288
  • 2,499 (Titanium) = 900


80% of your commissions goes to your account balance ready for your withdrawal

20% of your commission goes to your crowd 1 rewards for dividends paid monthly


  • 36 commission for a 99 package
  • 28.80 goes to your account balance
  • 7.20 goes to your crowd 1 rewards

Streamline Bonus:

A line indicating your level of movement in the business based on the amount of your own effort/performance and your team performance including spillovers. When you reach Level 15, you will be earning 4000 per month forever!

What Is Fear of Loss Bonus

Bonus that u qualify for when u recruit 4 members in the business within 14 days of joining the business. Fear of loss bonus is paid according to the package that u have bought. See the breakdown below

  • White invite 4 members = 125
  • Black invite 4 members = 375
  • Gold invite 4 members = 1,000
  • Titanium- invite 4 members = 3,000

Binary Bonus

Each new signup gives you a different amount depending on their package level and your imbalanced points in the left / right binary leg.

You need 1 personally sponsored member with a paid package in each leg to get payments activated and earn for life.

  • White = earn 9 Up to 36 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.
  • Black = earn 27 Up to 108 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.
  • Gold = 72 Up to 288 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.
  • Titanium = 225 Up to 900 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.

Potential Bonus

Funds due to u, ready to be released when points from your both left and right leg are imbalance, 90 points on left/right, will release only 36 and balance will be carried over on the strong leg (depending on package bought)

This 36 will be divided into 20/80

80% will go to your balance to withdraw immediately

20% will go to your Crowd1 rewards

What are Crowd1 rewards

Crowd 1 rewards are profit shares, these accumulate as per package u bought and points through team performance.

Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus pays out a percentage based on your personally sponsored teams Binary Bonus!

The number of your personally sponsored members and your member package sets the Matching level.


Crowd1 declares how much euro to pay per owner rights on every quarter (3 months depending on company profits that period), and that dividends (profit shares) money is paid every 3 months forever.

Since Affilgo *A* (the partner that is currently responsible for Affiliate marketing with online commercial gambling companies like Betway, ComeOn in India and Codere in Mexico & Colombia) launched November 2019 and is in operation actively, will make 3 months in February, May, August, November 2020, and so on. (every 3 months interval) automatically making payments according to how many Affilgo owner rights one has.

The (Miggster *M* (responsible for affiliate marketing with online gaming) is not launched yet, they will pay on it after its launch by end of this year 2020). Any crowd1 member with bigger crowd 1 rewards gets paid more than those with fewer crowd 1 rewards.

NOTE: Remember this is how investors will receive & increase their owners rights;

  1. Instantly when we activate our accounts by buying an education package (bigger package brings bigger owners rights),
  2. When we upgrade to a bigger package,
  3. Weekly, when we claim crowd 1 rewards in our accounts (Wednesdays), and
  4. The 20% on earned binary payment automatically buys us more crowd 1 rewards according to the streamlined level you are on.

So, crowd 1 rewards are worth euros, which is why when you click the info icon on the A or M owner right, it will display the euro worth for you.


We have all helped Facebook build one of the biggest networks in the world. A platform where the owners of Facebook have been able to monetize all the data that they have been able to collect from me and you altogether. We built it they have reaped all the financial rewards.

With Crowd 1 we are doing the same thing. We are helping them to build a powerful network of customers into which Affilgo and Miggster will plug future digital products & because we helped Crowd1 to build this network of influence they are honoring that with profit-sharing with us. How AWESOME IS THAT!

Crowd1 is currently in 174 countries worldwide. Crowd1 earns $3.6 trillion per month. Crowd1 is very powerful in online business. It has an affiliation with Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, FIFA, WhatsApp It has invested in gaming and sport, Gaming and Gambling. With your smartphone and with only the capital of 99, (without forgetting that there are other shares like that of 299, 799, 2,499) with a community that has a determination to change lives, you can go far. You can make your dreams come true.

Join Crowd1, a Life changing opportunity now. Do not hesitate to contact me so that you are a member of this great global society which is changing the lives of the less happy. With only your smartphone, you can go far.

In the first quarter of 2020, we will receive a quarterly dividend/ 1 time and the next launch on the exchange will take place next. You will be the first owner with 50% of the money you participate in stock A and a 50% stake B.

Join the pack: 99 = 90 points, 299 = 270 points, 799 = 720 points and 2,499 = 2250 points. You have the right to upgrade to a higher level equal to the remaining amount of the participating package. Join with ETH, BTC, and Code.

All Packages starting from 99 to 2,499 packages have the same maximum income of 20,000 / week. You can join CROWD1 with your credit or debit card, with BTC or ETH or use CODE from your upline or buy from CROWD1.

Join the movement!

Our promotion ends on the 3 of July 2020 where if you join on the 99 package u are immediately upgraded to the gold package which will give you 1000 rewards which will be 2000 after 3 months. The higher the package chosen the high the reward and higher the payout amount.

To join the Crowd 1 Team

Please contact me on the below details and I will assist.

WhatsApp :0658799233

Thanks for reading the information.

This article was published on 22.06.2020 by Nwabisa Ncume
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