Make Facebook Your New Business!

Have you ever driven down the street in an exclusive neighborhood and wondered what the people in those neighborhood did for a living?  Are they smarter than you?  Do they know something that you don't know? What is the secret to their success?

Many of the people in those exclusive neighborhoods are no different than you or I, except they have learned the invaluable secrets of generating wealth that have changed their financial status forever. They have learned how to leverage the efforts of others into creating a recurring income that pays them month after month and year after year. Many of the people in these neighborhoods own their own home-based business.

Achieving financial success with a home-based business starts with having the right products. You want products that everyone needs and products that are easy to explain. You will also need the right timing. Your opportunity to succeed is greatest when you can take advantage of the window of opportunity in the early period of a program's development.  There is one company that currently offers you this opportunity

It's called DIVVEE SOCIAL and it's primed for greatness! First time in history, Facebook has agreed to allow Turnkey (the company with exclusive marketing rights with Facebook and a primary investor in DIVVEE SOCIAL) to use the Facebook platform to advertise and sell DIVVEE products direct to customers through Facebook! Why? Currently Facebook doesn’t make money from Amazon. They want a piece of that global, trillion dollar eCommerce revenue. No other network marketing company has this platform. Free for customers! Just $25 a year and $9.95 per month to participate in the income stream!  

To learn more, listen to this overview call:

(Be sure to listen to the end to understand how lucrative this venture can be.)

Divvee is a social buying marketplace. We save you money on name brand household items and premium products and we pay you for sharing the concept.  

If you’re interested in saving money on most of the things you already buy every day and every month, come to Divvee. From shampoo to phone plans, we have you covered. 

There is a huge opportunity to spread the word and share in our success. Buying is social - earn a commission on the purchases of each person you refer for the rest of their life.  

Imagine making money every time your friends and their friends buy something, everything from toothpaste to big screen TVs. As your referrals grow, so does your share. We like to Divvee Up the profits. Forever.

To join up as an affiliate please go to my website to sign up @

This article was published on 03.06.2016 by Leon GIllis
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