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ARIIX is known as THE opportunity company. The opportunity is really about helping individuals unleash their potential. In order to support this opportunity, the Founders of ARIIX have maintained the highest of standards in every facet of the company. In addition, as THE opportunity company, ARIIX provides an unprecedented list of industry-firsts for our Representatives. From high-end premium brands, exceptional resources and support, and the industry’s highest paying, patent-pending ACTIV8 compensation plan, ARIIX is redefining the meaning of opportunity. ARIIX Origins is about why the company was started and why it is THE opportunity for you no matter where you are in life.

ARIIX was born from the vision of six leading minds in business and nutritional science who wanted to create a unique company based on the "golden rule" of helping others as they help you.

Our name, ARIIX, comes from combining the Latin word Aurum, meaning gold, with "IIX," similar to the roman numeral 8. Rotating the 8 gives you the infinity symbol, which you can see reflected in our logo. The name altogether means eternal wealth and also symbolizes our effort to set the "gold standard" for excellence in our products and our company as a whole.

We help you to help others by:

1) Offering the highest quality, science-driven products and services for total health.

2) Providing a solid opportunity for real financial independence.

3) Focusing on what works for our Representatives.

4) Giving back on a local and global scale.

ARIIX is driven by the power of human potential. Our desire is to contribute to the greater good of every person we encounter because we believe that each one of us is linked together for a specific purpose. That is why we give back. Whether we are working with established charitable foundations, helping with disaster relief efforts, donating proceeds to those in need or just lending a helping hand to a neighbor, ARIIX applies the 'pay it forward' philosophy to every aspect of the work we do.

With multiple independent brands, ARIIX provides you with the ability to diversify your business. Each brand was designed to stand on its own and to work together.

Nutrifii, Slenderiiz, Puritii, Reviive, Prime & Jouvé.

Ever been asked why ARIIX? What is so different about the ARIIX opportunity? Answering that question is as easy as the click of a play button. Introducing: the ARIIX Origins Video. Watch and understand exactly why so many people are choosing ARIIX

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This article was published on 20.08.2016 by Dominique Duthil
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