Welcome Mavigold Charities International(MCI), a nongovernmental charity organization, designed to help people live successful lives, which is the main reason for man existence on planet earth. Mavigold Charities is not just another charity organization, but their aim is to make a remarkable difference in the life of people.

One of their aim is to make the poor rich and the rich richer as well. Are there any uneducated and unskilled people in the society?, Mavigold is here to make them educated and skilled respectively. In fact, Mavigold is here to put smiles on the faces of people who are down-trodden.


 Mavigold is not just another multi-level marketing organization. The NGO is dedicated to providing a life support to the indigents (The under privileged, the homeless, Orphans, the poverty- stricken, the widow and the physically challenged. ).

Mavigold Charities is not just set up to help you get out of poverty baseline, by giving you materials thing and financial aid, but they are out to expose you to the world of opportunities that will help you to live a life of abundance .

Mavigold was set up by a group of seasoned Network Marketers, who are have passions for alleviating the sufferings of the less privileged and down-trodden people in the society. They created this platform for financial empowerment, skill acquisition and capacity building in IT/ICT.

                  Here is How it Works

Mavigold Charities International compensation plan is divided into 4 stages, with an entry stage called Feeder Matrix, namely:

Feeder Matrix

Stage 1: Minority

Stage 2:Majority

Stage 3: Deputy Senate President

Stage 4: Senate President

From above, it is a 2x2, 2x4 and 2x3 forced matrix. With the plan in place, it is expected of you to just introduce two people directly under you, with username. Your two direct referrals are expected to duplicate your action, by introducing just 2 people as well. This will enable you move out of the feeder matrix stage, and move to stage 1, called the minority stage. However, if you are able to bring in more than just two people, the excess will automatically be placed under any of your members that has not got any downline. This process is known as spill over

To register or sign up into mavigold Charities, a one time out of pocket $12. 5 payment is required. The exchange rate for dollar is pegged at N200 per dollar.

Now ,here are the stages and how it works:


This is a 2x2 forced matrix. In other words, it is a two level matrix. Here, you are permitted to register a maximum of 2 people directly under you. The two people are also permitted to register maximum of 2 people each directly under them to enable you cycle out. Any number more than 2 registered with your User ID or Username automatically spills over to your down lines. Hence, there is the operation of a spillover and spill under effects.

This is a 2x2 forced matrix

NOTE: Here you don't wait until all the matrix are filled before you get paid. You get paid on each person that comes into any of the stage with you. Thus, in the feeder matrix, you get $2 each from your 2 people and $2 each as they also introduce their 2 people.

Total Earning = $12


This is a 2x4 forced matrix. This stage gets filled by people that moves from the feeder matrix to join you at minority leader stage. Your bonus is paid as each person joins you at this stage.

Total Payout is $ 450

AWARD: 1 Smart Phone


Majority leader stage is also 2x4 forced matrix. This stage also gets filled up automatically from your direct or indirect downline that moves out of the stage 1 to join you here. You get paid from each member that joins you at each level.

Total Payout is $3,900

AWARD: 1 Tablet


Stage 3 – is also a 2x4 forced matrix that is filled by the people that moved from stage 2. You get paid on everyone that joins you from stage 2 above.

Total Payout is $45,000

AWARD: Widows Allowance $3,000 Cheque

1 Trumpchi GS5 Jeep, worth $45,000.


Stage 4 is a 2x3 forced matrix that gets filled up by your downlines from stage 3. You get paid from each person that joins you here as shown below.

Total Payout is $80,000

AWARD: 1 Hyandai Santafe Jeep worth $60,000

Interest fee loan: $10,000

NOTE: On the completion of stage 4 by a member, the system will automatically deduct $1000 from his earning and restart him/her from the feeder stage with all his or her downline following him.

Their Services


We are dedicated to providing life support to the indigents (the underprivileged, the homeless, Orphans, the poverty- stricken, the widow and the physically challenged) through regular free medical attention.


We believe that when a person is educated, his mind is liberated. Therefore we support the education of our members and their families with scholarship allowances both for the secondary and tertiary.


We believe in the principle of leveraging and synergy. Mavigold Charities International also provides a platform for its members to earn good income as they leverage on our platform and spread the good work of the organization.


It is part of our vision to train our members in various skills that will make them self-reliant. Such skills include soap making, bead making, hat making, fish farming, make-up artists, event planning, computer appreciation and Website design.


When a member completes his stage 4, he is entitled to an interest free loan of up to $10,000 repayable over two years or as agreed by him and our organization. This loan is either to start a fresh business or expand an existing one.

For more info:

Visit==>www. mavigoldcharities. org

Call/ Whatsapp: 08168034200

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