Purchasing $49(Unlimited) Social Network Revenue Shares, Earn Autopilot Fr. Hom

We welcome you aboard in advance to our Social Cash Robot team. Now all you have to do now to begin earning a lucrative residual income is to share your Social Cash Robot referral website link to anyone you know who are business owners online or offline; joint venture investors or Capitalist; affiliate, network, multi-level, business opportunity marketers and seekers; income and extra income seekers; spiritual centers and churches; even other friends, relatives, acquaintances, and your co-workers that need or desire to make more money to supplement their primary source of income. You can also promote Social Cash Robot as a unique fundraising idea for non-for-profit organization(s).

Just keep in mind that the BIG money manifests when you sell Social Network Revenue Shares and their is no limit to the amount of Shares your Social Cash Robot affiliate marketers purchases. Plus you can promote Social Cash Robot locally, nationally, and internationally. The more Revenue Shares you sell, the greater and more lucrative your residual income become.

Plus, purchase your own Social Network RevShare for $49 each share and start to soon earn a lucrative income while you sleep, this is the quickest way to earn big lucrative income with Social Cash Robot. There is no limit to the amount of $49 shares you purchase, the more shares you purchase the greater your residual monthly income will be.

If you have any further questions, please consult and thoroughly read the FAQ section of your affiliate website. If after you read this section, and the answer to the question is not answered in this section, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in your questions and concerns.

There are several different ways that you can make money using your Social Cash Robot account. 

Here's what you can do... 

Purchase Income Generating Shares

Shares are the bread and butter of the Social Cash Robot system! Each share will cost you just $49 each and this will guarantee you a lifetime of passive income. There is no limit to how much profit these shares can earn you. The more shares that you have, the more passive income you will earn! 

Each share purchase will be taken and ran through our network of Social Media assets, each time a Facebook Like, Google +1, or Twitter Follower is purchased from one of our network offers, you get paid! 

The most powerful part of the system is that this will never stop!

Millions of business owners are relying on Facebook Likes, Google +1, and Twitter Followers to boost exposure to their businesses and we're already selling hundreds of thousands of these services already! It has not stopped growing since we began doing this!

Refer People To Us

This is another powerful component of our Social Cash Robot system. While you are collecting your passive cash from your share purchases, why not build your downline income as well? It's so easy to do so and will guarantee your passive income with us. 

For each referral that you send us, we'll pay you 10% of every share purchase that they make. 

It doesn't end there, for each referral that one of your 1st level referrals makes, we'll pay you an additional 5% on their referrals share purchase! 

As you can see, this will really add up and it is a no brainer to sponsor a few people into your downline! Who doesn't like to make more money?


Get paid to click on our member's ads and setup valuable advertising as a member that will explode your social network reach!

Welcome Aboard! Much success in your new journey marketing Social Cash Robot!

Respectfully Your,

Bill Abitong

Social Cash Robot International Affiliate Marketer


This article was published on 22.06.2016 by Bill Abitong
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