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TIMOTCA: The International Museum of 21st Century Arts - A nonprofit organization which has been promoting Peace Through the Arts for over 35 years. What they have now created is exceptional beyond measure and never been done before. 

THE MISSION: To Establish the Unprecedented TIMOTCA Cultural Centre representing the visual and performing arts of every nation on Earth, where planetary peace is kindled by the creative spirit the essence within all humankind that has the capacity to change the world.

ART BEYOND BORDERS: Takes us on a journey exploring art and culture from around the world. Spanning the globe, the exhibition represents a broad spectrum of political, economic and cultural diversity, going beyond traditional borders to foster peace and cultural understanding.

TRANSCENDING GRACE, LANGUAGE AND POLITICS ... The TIMOTCA Centre will provide a permanent venue for painters, sculptors, musicians and artisans from every nation on earth, with an official forum for the development of programs promoting cultural understanding and peaceful co-existence.

TIMOTCA’s Co-founders travel the world visiting the selected artists to invite their participation. Each artist enters into a formal contract and contributes an original work of art for the TI MOTCA Centre and Permanent Collection titled, "ART BEYOND BORDERS."

From Albania to Zimbabwe, through a meticulous process of research and  analysis, one master artist is selected by TIMOTCA to represent his or her country. A meticulous process of research and analysis,one master artist is selected by TIMOTCA to represent his or her country. You can take part in this historical event and earn FREE Silver CoinCards and more, while promoting Peace through The Arts.

To Date 63 COUNTRIES Have Officially Been Invited to Participate in  TIMOTCA and All Have Accepted ... Ultimately 300 Countries, Territories  and Island groups will be invited and represented World-wide!

How successful and accomplished could you be in the right setting? Explore our appealing world of life-changing Silver Wealth opportunities. You can take part in this historical event and earn FREE Silver CoinCards and more, while promoting Peace through The Arts - The possibilities are Limitless.

"In this period it is so difficult to establish contact with others. Art is a tool of communication overcoming barriers and getting to the heart of man."

TIMOTCA owns the original art, copyrights and reproduction rights to each 
work of art contributed by the artists for TIMOTCA’s ART BEYOND BORDERS Collection.

The organization is publishing LIMITED EDITIONS of these works to contribute to the development and endowment of the TIMOTCA Cultural Centre.

Each artist will receive a $50,000 royalty and a children’s charity identified by the Vatican will also receive $50,000 from the sale of the artist’s sold out Limited Edition.

Art Beyond Borders With Silver & Art Collectibles

Earning FREE Silver coins and Premiere Artwork has never been easier or more rewarding.

These beautiful CoinCards are full one-ounce limited-production, collectable, bullion coins that are .999 pure silver and are encased and enbedded on a credit card size durable card which tells about the featured artist.

Each card shows the registry number of the coin and the Assay Certificate/Guaranty. These Premiere "CoinCards" are truly one of a kind and make a lasting first impression.

A Special Note that the CoinCards are created featuring the selected artist representing an individual country with their art, a postage stamp, a post card, and a CoinCard, minted ONLY ONCE and in a very small quantity - and for the true collector who takes swift advantage, a limited edition, hand made, one of a kind Giclée Print may be obtained, never to be produced again.

Then the plates are retired and another country is represented with new art, postage stamp, post card, and pure silver CoinCard, within a series of countries, creating a world renown art collection.

Only one country at a time is promoted, in very limited inventory. This creates rarity of the earliest coins and more value of complete sets. The Vatican Redeemer CoinCard is the first. Cuba is second, and China is third. 

You? - are getting in on the ground floor. The choice is yours and we invite you to join us now.

How Many FREE Silver CoinCards Do You Want?!

Please be sure to read the rest of the story on our website - one article is just not enough to cover this once in a lifetime world-wide event. 

Listen to the recorded overview below for complete details and join our Top Spots Pre-Launch Team!

Wishing You Unlimited Success,

Dean & Tamra K

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Join Us In Making History

This article was published on 19.05.2016 by Dean Hart
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