THRIVE with Me!

THRIVE, the range of premium nutritional supplements by Le-Vel, is intended to provide the body with nutrients and vitamins which may be lacking in individuals - filling those gaps left by a rushed,  modern lifestyle. 

The product range offers individuals support in attaining their personal health goals, by making available a wide variety of premium ingredients. THRIVE is not a weight loss program. It can indeed aid weight loss, and can also aid weight gain, depending on individual needs. In fact, many body builders use THRIVE due to the complex minerals, and amino acids (e.g. glucosamine and BCAA Blend)  provided by the Premium Lifestyle Capsules. 

In addition to vitamins and nutrients, it also contains probiotics AND prebiotics, providing excellent digestive and immune support. 

Users continue to report sustained increases in energy levels, mental alertness, improved sleep as well as improved movement in joints, and digestive functioning. Weight loss is a common goal and feedback in this regard has been amazing. An overwhelming sense of general wellness is a common observation by users and their families. 

 The founders of Le-Vel, as well as its Promoters, take special pride in :

1. The premium ingredients used in the THRIVE products;

2. The simplicity of the THRIVE Experience; It's as Simple as 1-2-3 !

3. The innovation of the Company and its product range. 

Le-Vel's flagship product is the THRIVE 8 Week Experience. Taken first thing in the morning, the simplicity of use, added to premium ingredients makes it the pride of the Le-Vel range. 

The three core THRIVE products are:

1.  THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsule   - Taken on an empty stomach in the morning  (male and female specific multi-vitamin)

2.  THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix  - Taken 20 to 30 minutes after the capsules   (Le-Vel goes out of the way to remind its customers that the Lifestyle Mix is NOT a  meal replacement)

3.  THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT  Patch  -  Applied to skin*  when having Lifestyle Mix   (Patent Pending) Derma Fusion Technology. A world first, wearable nutrition. 

      Filled with vitamins and nutrients,  the patch allows a slow release of the ingredients through the skin.                   It increases the body's metabolism, provides sustained energy, reduces appetite and provides joint support         through its anti-inflammatory properties. 

* the DFT should be applied to clean, dry skin as advised on product packaging. 

In addition to the range of THRIVE Premium Lifestyle products, Le-Vel has added a range of THRIVE Plus products which include : 

  • THRIVE Plus Boost
  • THRIVE Plus Activate
  • THRIVE Plus Rest
  • THRIVE Plus Move
  • THRIVE Plus DFT Black Label

For more detailed information, follow the link below.

THRIVE 8- Week Experience

THRIVE, as easy as 1-2-3

This article was published on 02.02.2016 by Russell Isaacs
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