I am a Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner with 10 years of experience with a specialty in Neurosurgery.  My main goal is for the safety and well being of my patients.  I strive to make sure that they are optimized not just from a disease stabilization standpoint but from a disease prevention standpoint.

I am also a Fitness competitor with a goal of maintaining a healthy body as I grow older.  The way that I maintain this from the inside out. I not only eat healthy and exercise but I also nourish my cells with the proper nutrients.

Of course life has a tendency of making you age faster than normal.  From the stress of family or work it all can reek havoc on your cells.  There is something you can do to change that.  It doesn't just come from eating healthy or exercising, it comes from nourishing your cells from the inside.  When your cells are nourished, not only do you feel vibrant and healthy but you also have the energy to complete most any task.

PM International in Germany has produced the ultimate Fitline and Beautyline products.  The Fitline products help create wellness from the inside out.  The Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC) is used to deliver nutrition to the cells when and where it's needed.  The products are doping free and used by athletes, trainers, and non athletes all over the world. 

Activize Oxyplus:  Helps to open up blood vessels to deliver more oxygen to the cells.

Basic: Vegetable and fruit extracts are usedt obo sttheimmune system.

Restorate:  The ideal bedtime drink. This promotes the balance of minerals and works as an alkaline buffer  to the cells.

OMega 3: Supports a healthy heart. Q10: Cell growth and  maintenance as well as an antioxidant.

Fitness drink: Hydration, reduction of fatigue and helps replace nutrients and fluids.

ProShape Amino: Rich in Amino acids to help with muscle  development and growth .

ProShape All-in-One meal replacement:  A complete meal that helps   with weight loss and helps with cravings  .

The beautyline products help support the  natural regeneration of the skin and uses ingredients like carotenoids and thiotaine to reverse aging.  This Beautyline set includes the 3 minute facelift  Ultimate young which instantly produces younger skin and tones areas around the eyes and mouth .

This entire system will not only cause you to look your best but your friends and family will be completely amazed and wonder what work you've had done.

Do not wait any longer to become a part of this wide open market in the U.S. 

Work and build your business from home!

Please send a message for more details.

This article was published on 30.05.2016 by Denise Holloway
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