Why NWorld? Why Not?!

Here are the advantages that make NWorld one of the best and most lucrative business opportunities this industry has ever produced. 


Products are truly the foundation of a great network marketing company, and NWorld’s impressive line of world class health and beauty products have already proven to be market favorites! NWorld’s NLighten and NHance products are natural, safe for use and highly effective – some are even known in the market for their amazing instant effects. They are Halal-certified, FDA registered and manufacture in ISO- and GMP certified facilities, this making them a dream for many Ntrepreneur to sell.


Those considering NWorld as a side business or even as a full time career will be pleased to find that it is actually a simple business concept and easily doable once you learn how to do it right.

  • You can start with a minimal purchase of 500 pesos worth of products for retailers and P16,000 pesos worth of products for distributors. And these can be products of your own choice – a breakthrough concept that is unique only to NWorld! 
  • You own a franchise business concept, but without the constraints of a brick and mortar store. This make your business cheaper to operate, and even allows you to set up your NWorld business anywhere in the world. 
  • Very much like in the traditional business concepts where you can LEVERAGE and MULTIPLY your productive time and sales efforts by hiring employees, you can also do so in network marketing through your team of independent distributors. The only difference is, you don’t pay for their commissions – Nworld does! 
  • You enjoy earning income just by purchasing and using products, and basically sharing them to other people. 
  • Your NWorld business can be a legacy that you can pass on to your family! Your personal NTCs in NWorld maybe inherited by your heirs. 


We all know, no business opportunity is worth anybody’s while without compensation! Not to worry, as NWorld Ntrepreneurs are some of the most highly compensated in the industry. As an Ntrepreneur, you are compensated in FOUR ways. First, you earn retail profit from selling products to your customers. Second, you earn commissions from selling wholesale packages to people who also want to start their own NWorld business. Third, you earn multilevel bonuses as your team’s purchases grow. And finally, as you move up the ranks and increase your sales volume, you will earn rewards in the form of exciting travel incentives.


Of course what is money without culture? Behind NWorld’s amazing products, system and compensation plan is a company that every Ntrepreneur can truly be proud of. NWorld is the first Filipino-owned MLM company which started with a paid up capital of over 100,000,000 pesos showing the full commitment of its owners to bringing the company to great heights. AT its helm are leaders with more thatn 30 years of combined experience in the industry, But more than that, what makes NWorld remarkable is the culture of excellence and legitimacy it imbibes in all areas of its operations. It hopes to give back society a wider sense by not only by providing a legitimate business opportunity, but also helping in nation development through the taxes that the company and its distributors diligently pay to government.


Despite the heights that NWorld has reached in the past year, really, it has only just begun. And at the rate it is going, there is no doubt as to how far it will go in the coming years. As an Ntrepreneur, there is no other rational choice that this; Ride the tide!

This article was published on 12.10.2016 by AlexieLynneth Nacionales
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