THWGlobal goes live Sept 21 with more than 1.1 Million members

With more than 1.1 Million members in 85 days THWGlobal is set to take the world by storm. It is basically YouTube in reverse where they pay you to watch and share videos. It pays 10 levels deep with FREE registration for viewing videos and multiple other opportunities to earn more money, all depending on you.

Where is your pain? By this I mean what drives you? Love is a good motivator, but love is fickle and it can change. When you have financial pain, physical pain, emotional pain, possibly because love ended. This pain DRIVES YOU!

Pain drove me to do things that the Doctors and everyone else told me I would never do. Died on the Dentist chair, suffered deep 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 60% of my body, finally 6 heart attacks and 2 strokes and the Doctors, family and friends gave up on me again and again. But here I am 86 months after I was given 3 months to live. Pain has driven me and still is my biggest driving force today. 

To really be successful at anything I honestly feel that you need to find your pain. Once you find out what the pain is you can go forward from there and you will not let something get in your way because you see a solution for your pain. My desire was to prove everyone wrong who told me I could not. You will never work again, you will never walk again, you will be dead in 3 months. WRONG! All that did was tell me where my pain was and gave me a bigger reason to prove them ALL wrong! 

Stress then became my pain. Trying to do too much, and it almost killed me. Just over 7 years in South America and I learned one word well in Spanish mañana, tomorrow. At first it drove me crazy no I want it today, now, this second! Then it became if I keep this up will there be a tomorrow? Gradually I learned and opened my heart to different things and my heart healed in more ways than one. Now my pain is to be sure that no one dies a death like I did and almost did several more times before I learned.

Here is an opportunity, ZERO stress, relax sip a few cool ones if that is your gig, and laugh and be happy. Doesn´t your family deserve more of your time, Don´t you deserve more of your time?

Looking for a way to get out from behind the desk, corporate death, financial debt, time to retire and no money, pay off student loans, finally go on a holiday other than to your relatives in Ohio, or Alberta? Whatever your pain is, this is an opportunity that you can work in your spare time, from your wheelchair or your corporate desk and necktie, and say goodbye to your pain.

THWGlobal goes live September 21st, are you coming to the party? I hope to see you all there. Here is a link to register, have a look, see what you think and if you do not like it delete your account. Simple as that.

Questions contact me directly at I hope to hear from you soon!

By the way, I am in this for money, but I am not the important one here. The link above is for a single mother in the Philippines. I am working to build teams for people around the world. Changing the world one person´s life at a time



This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Kim Proudlock
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