3 Days to Go Before Mobile Sports Company closes door on Affiliates

There has been rumors around the block lately about a major mobile software company launching a free sports app to the general public which will allow users to make picks of the game before and during live major sporting events like the American Football league on launch and later other major sporting events in the word. 

Previews of this app and its game play has been released to the public and the feeling is that it's going to become the next mobile craze. The game was designed by a team fronted by none other that a former senior creative of the company that deliver console and pc games like the "Madden Football" series. Estimations are that the amount of people ready and waiting to download the app is going to break the record set by the latest social mobile game (where people hunt little creatures in the garden of their neighbors for points...) Here is the link if you want to see for yourself: http://letsplay.sportsapp.buzz

Now the decision-makers were very concerned to introduce an affiliate program at first as they did not want to position the company as an MLM or Network Marketing firm, but rather wanted the focus to be on the enjoyment and playability of the game so that the reputation of the game can go viral. But they could not ignore the fact that affiliates are also people with great contacts and just by pure network reach, the amount of pre-registered players are well on its way to break the record books.

In order for the company to keep the focus on the game, they have only allowed a limited time window for any affiliate to join and build a business for themselves. The cut-off date has been set to be 10 October 2016. No affiliates will be allowed to join the company afterwards.

Now does this mean that if you join in the next 3 days that you will not make a success out of this opportunity? Definitely no! The focus stays on finding players. Players invite players to play the game (think of all those Candy game invites that you regularly get...) All players (and players' invited players - and players' players' invited players) fall under your team and you as the affiliate will benefit from the players seeing adverts and buying in-game upgrades and tokens.

I want to finish this article off by inviting you, the reader. If you have not yet succeeded online, then this is the opportunity for you. It's as easy as inviting 10 of your sports-crazy pals to play the game. Your 10 sports-crazy pals will probably have 10 other sports-crazy pals and etc.

You have 3 days to respond. Be smart and get in on the act here: http://sportsapp.buzz

This article was published on 08.10.2016 by Carl Baker
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