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Zeus's Bounty Founders Plan: I am #31 of 100!!! 10 Seats are Left

Welcome to Zeus’ Bounty the most generous smart contract ever created. No Hype. No Backdoors.

Reap Zeus’ rewards In this fun and addictive platform.

Zeus’ Bounty is a smart contract running on the Binance coin, BNB. The SmartContract pays out in real-time, on time, every time.

The programming is immutable meaning it can never be changed.

Zeus' Bounty is a global straight line that generates a guaranteed up & downline for you.

Every member will get an immediate upline and a downline of the next people who join. The amount of up and downline you receive will be based on your contribution level.

Please note that the current price of 1 BNB is in the $490 range and does fluctuate daily!

You will earn 2.5 % from your up AND downline actions on the Zeus’ Bounty platform.

There are 5 levels to choose from to start your journey.

You may add to your original contribution at any time.

Choose wisely

.1 BNB will grant you 5 upline and 5 downlines.

.5 will grant you 6 upline & 6 downlines.

1 BNB will grant you 8 upline & 8 downlines.

5 BNB will grant you 9 upline & 9 downlines.

Bring Zeus your referrals and reap his rewards 10 levels deep.

Reap 20% from your personal referrals.

Reap another 10% for their referrals.

All the way down to 10 levels deep….you reap rewards.

Level 3 is 5%

Level 4 is 3%

Level 5 is 3%

Level 6 3%

Level 7 2%

Level 8 2%

Level 9 1%

Level 10 1%

100% of all contributions are reaped by Zeus’ members. 50% to the up and downline and 50% to the family tree.

The SmartContract takes 7%, upon withdrawal, and gifts

Zeus’s members with 60% of it.

When your wallet inside Zeus’s Bounty reaches .05 BNB or higher it is time to claim your bounty from Zeus. This action creates a cascading effect in the community. You reap your rewards and all those around you, get rewarded too.

Zeus will claim part of your rewards to advance your contribution level automatically.

The entire goal of Zeus’s Bounty is to reap as many rewards as you can. At 10 BNB in contributions, when you make a withdrawal, a full 70% is rewarded to your spendable wallet and only 30% goes towards your contributions.

Reap Zeus’ bounties with our automated Air Drops

Founders Air Drops

14% of Zeus’ profits are shared with the original 100 Founders. This bonus is paid in real time and will be added to your wallets every time a withdrawal is made.

7% of Zeus’ profits will be shared with Founders 101-200

Top Referrers Air Drops

14% of Zeus’ profits will be shared with the top 30 Referrers every week. Must have at least 2 new referrals in the previous week to qualify.

(Each share here is estimated at over 1K a month)

1 BNB starting Air Drop

7% of Zeus’ profits get split between every member who starts with 1 BNB

                                     10 BNB starting Air Drops

7% of profits go in a bonus pool for all new members that week who start with 10 BNB.

Active member Air Drops

7% of profits go into a bonus pool for all members who ticked their weekly check-in box each week for the month.

New Member AirDrop

3.5% of companies’ profits go into a pool for all new members that week regardless of entry-level. AirDrop happens Sunday at midnight.

Random BNB Air Drops

Once Zeus reaches critical support levels, we will start raining BNB on random members.

This is the money most creators keep for themselves.

Zeus is giving it back to the community!

Check-in with Zeus at least once a week for the month to qualify for FREE BNB

Dynamic Compression

Zeus will not tolerate inactivity on the platform. Any member who does not check-in by ticking the check-in box for 3 consecutive weeks will have their accounts moved out of the global money line and their accounts will be set aside. All other members will compress up to fill the empty spaces. When the account holder returns, they will have the option of making a final withdrawal at their current contribution level or re-enter the global money line at any of the 5 levels.

Stake your claim in Zeus’ Bounty and let the fun begin. 

This article was published on 19.10.2021 by Carlo Echano
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