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What is ACN promotion ladder and what can it do for you?

*Information mentioned in this post is subject to change at anytime. The compensation plan could change without notice. This is about North America's compensation plan.

I often wonder what people don't get about ACN. They always wonder how much money have you made by now. What check you have received. They don't focus on the extras ACN offer. I already spoke about ACN power your wallet or power your home promotion as well of possible worldwide retreats offered all included for a week for 2. What should really be their focus when asking you how is ACN compensating yourself? They should ask you what promotion you got. Promotions in ACN are almost a permanent way of increasing your income from bonuses in a gigantic proportion after a while.  Same applies to any other who follows your momentum.

Every position has it's perks and requirements. The plan of ACN promotion plan is to offer 470$ in bonuses every time a new independant business owner reached QTT in 60 days. QTT is a simple 5 services sold with 2 outside your home.

Let's rundown every ACN compensation plan position:

-Team trainer(TT)

Starting position offering 30 days fast start bonuses only

-Qualified team trainer (QTT)

5 services sold total ( 2 outside home)

Monthly bonuses become available on personal sales

-Executive team trainer (ETT)

5 services sold by yourself minimum

10 more services sold inside your whole team

30$ customer acquisition bonus

-Executive team leader (ETL)

8 services sold by yourself minimum

30 services sold inside your whole team

70$ customer acquisition bonus and unclaimed 30$ bonus

-Team coordinator (TC)

8 services sold by yourself minimum

145 services sold inside your whole team

200$ customer acquisition bonus and unclaimed 30$/70$ bonuses

-Regional director (RD)

Consult later
80$  customer acquisition bonus and unclaimed 30$/70$/200$ bonuses

-Regional vice president (RVP)

70$  customer acquisition bonus and unclaimed 30$/70$/200$/80$ bonuses

-Senior vice president (SVP)

20$  customer acquisition bonus and unclaimed 30$/70$/200$/80$/70$ bonuses

Positions need to be maintained, a 30 grace period is effective when loosing a position.

Could you imagine hitting 300$ times 5 every month. That's 1500$ in bonuses every month for work you didn't do most of the time. As you go up, you might hit more and as your teammates go up, you will give out some away to them when they promoted. It's as simple as that, but it's what's really powerful. That's what the job is! Anybody can do it, starting part time : .

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This article was published on 08.09.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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