Don't throw your receipts away!! Scan them & get 20% Cashback!

How often do you shop and get asked if you would like your receipt? Most of the time you'll decline the receipt as it is no use to you and will end up as scrap paper. What if you kept your receipt and got something back in return? Well you can, introducing Saivian. Saivian is a company who are after your receipts and in return will give you 20% cashback. 


Why would a company pay you for your receipt? Well Marketing companies buy these receipts from Saivian  to find out what consumers are buying everyday, what the latest trends are,  what type of products are popular etc.   You don't need to change a thing when it comes to your shopping, keep purchasing what you always purchase every week or maybe it's about time you upgraded that computer, phone, home appliance. Whatever it is if you can get a receipt, you can get cashback. 

What if you don't shop that often? 

No problem, maybe you know someone who has a big family or someone who is studying and could spare a few dollars for themselves. You refer people, you can earn residual income. Get paid daily!

This is also an opportunity for businesses who sell products or services, it is a great way to offer 20% to your customers without it coming out of your pocket. Saivian provides the 20% cashback! What an awesome offer you can provide to your customers and don't forget you earn the residual income for each person you refer.

· Each business can refer three other members or merchants and then moving forward have their monthly MAP membership covered by Saivian for each 28-day cycle those referrals remain members.

-Saivian also has an app which makes it even easier to upload your receipts 

-Shop globally! 

-Shop online 

Not only is there a retail membership, Saivian also has a travel membership aswell. This is perfect for those who travel often using airlines, hotels, rental cars, activities the list goes on. You also receieve 20% cashback! 

It's simple, it's smart and it saves! 

If you would like more information you can click on the link below;

Or email

Don't miss out and leave it till later join now! You have nothing to lose and cashback to gain! 

This article was published on 24.08.2016 by Olivia Wall
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