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Are you making 10k a month?  How about 15K a month? Please view this recent webinar to learn about Qkadoo social website and learn how you can get paid for doing the same things you currently do on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and other social platforms, Do any of these website pay you any money for your content? No??? I thought so.  

Qkadoo Does What They Don't.  Post, Like, Share, Shop, Buy, Sell, Socialize and Advertise.  Facebook and Google make BILLIONS on your data.  Qkadoo in Patent Pending Status - Changes the GREAT INTERNET RIPOFF GAME!

Your data and content is worth BILLIONS to all the companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing.  What is your data and content Worth to You? It's about time yuou get paid for all the time you spend on the internet making them Billionaires and Qkadoo has the system to do it!

Do you earn $10,000 a month? How about $15,000?? As an active Qkadoo Affiliate, this is possible, you can earn life changing additional monthly income with very little effort. Signup today and start building your team.  

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So let me describe a Pyramid scheme

1. Pyramid Scheme’s claim to be in business selling products to consumers - however there are little customer sales sold - generally is 90% or more internal consumption.

Qkadoo has over 20k customers and will only allow a specified number of affiliates who are selling the product

90% of Qkadoo’s sales are customer sales and not affiliate sales

2. Money is only made from recruiting other people to Market the Program not the product.

In Qkadoo you earn from the sale of the product, there is no fee to join MyQkadoo, There is no fee to sell Qkadoo Products through MyQkadoo

3. It’s a requirement to purchase the product when you sign up.

In MyQkadoo you are not required to purchase the product when you sign up, you are required to sell the product to earn commissions

4. Pyramid Scheme’s make virtually all their profits from signing up new recruits and disguise entry fees as the price charged for mandatory purchases of training, downloadable e-books

MyQkadoo has no sign up fees or mandatory purchases to sell our products

5. Pyramid Scheme’s rely on recruitment of new members to bring in money, and the schemes collapse when the pool of potential recruits dries up due to market saturation. Most people lose their money in these schemes.

Qkadoo and MyQkadoo do not rely on recruitment of new members to bring in money, we rely on the sale of our products to be a profitable business

6. Pyramid Scheme’s often sell products at prices well above retail or sell products that are difficult to value 

Qkadoo products are not sold at prices above retail, in fact our products are sold at discounted prices in comparison to products comparable to ours online

7. Pyramid Scheme’s people at the top make the most money

MyQkadoo affiliates earn based on their sales and productivity - in fact affiliates can surpass their sponsor and earn more than anyone “on top”

8. Pyramid Scheme’s promise large earnings with little effort

MyQkadoo promises earnings based on your efforts - little effort - little pay - lots of effort - could mean lots of pay. To be successful in Qkadoo or MyQkadoo you do have to work, it’s not a money game, it’s a business

9. Pyramid Scheme’s charge large up-front fees to get started

Qkadoo and MyQkadoo do not charge up-front fees to get started.

10. Pyramid Scheme’s put emphasis on recruiting others to join the program for a fee and not selling the products.

MyQkadoo offers the Qkadoo products for sale, there is no fee to join the affiliate program, there is no fee to sell our products - it’s also not illegal to purchase our products as an affiliate, it would be illegal if we made it mandatory and/or we made you purchase more product than you could or would use - which we do not

This article was published on 29.02.2016 by James Proctor
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