When you always find gold in the bottom of your pan!

Many years ago I was a gold prospector. We were a member of the gold prospecting club. And we travel on the weekends to some spot. Where we would pan gold from the time the sun came up until the sun went down.

I had gold fever! I can keep my hands in that ice cold water all day long! Because every time I got to the bottom of the pan and it would be just a little bit of gold. And that would keep me going!

Being a gold prospector was a lifestyle! It didn't really matter if we found any cold or not. Many many times we went places where we found no gold. But we still had fun trying to find gold, camping out, songs around the campfire, and the tall tales about the gold we found once upon a time!

We enjoyed that lifestyle. The fresh fish for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and hamburgers for dinner. Sleeping out under the stars. Was a wonderful lifestyle, whether we found any gold or not!

I found working online businesses to be a light gold panning! You never really know what you will find. Or how much money you make. But it is so much fun to dream!

A lot of times I find a get so caught up in the dream I forget to do any work. And the fact that I don't have any results, well any good results, is a reflection of my work habits!

It's like Sunday's gold panning when the water was just so cold. I'd much rather sit  by the fire and dream of what I'll find tomorrow!

Just like with online business when it gets tough, and if can't find anybody interested, I'd rather just sit around and dream up what it will be like tomorrow when I have 100 people signed up under me.

Of course sometimes I'd want to jump to own the claim, try own the business, especially when a flashy one just came by ! And I pull up stakes, spend a little bit more money, and start over again, dreams bigger than ever!

But of course when you hit pay dirt, and there's gold in the bottom of every pan, there are not enough hours in the day!

So I am so happy that I found ad rotator! I've had such great success, there are not enough hours in the day to make all the phone calls I need to make! I love helping people! I love it when somebody who's never made any money online in all, begins to make money every day!

For them to be able to hold their head high, and that good old feeling of success, that keeps them working there leads, no matter how cold the prospects!

It is not a business. It is a lifestyle! And we live and celebrate that lifestyle every day! Some people spend five minutes on the computer a day! Whereas I hate to spend five minutes away! I'm always on the computer on the telephone, working the business!

 Helping people, that is my why! That is why I get out of bed in the morning! Why, I get ready for the day! Why I find so much passion in my work! Those little victories for all I live for!

For this is the lifestyle I've chosen! I have developed a hearty case of $67 fever!

$67 one time is all it takes to get started and ad rotator!

It is absolutely a life-changing opportunity!

So that ordinary people can have a business system that is simple and effective!

So that they may live their life with financial dignity, and be able to enjoy life with their family, without ever having to worry about money again!

Please come and watch the 20 minute video at my website!


and you'll soon develop $67 fever too!

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James  503 919 5123
This article was published on 25.12.2015 by James Seal
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