Building Your Affiliates From Your List

Building Your Affiliates From Your List

One thing I do want to say to you now is, if you have sixty five, seventy, eighty percent, or even more to give away through your products’ commissions, don't be afraid to tell people about it. 

Not so long ago in fact, there was a spate of big affiliate commission sites popping up that offered anywhere from 80-100% commissions that did incredibly well on the resource building side of things simply on the basis of promoting their high commissions more than the product itself.

So whatever you do, don't think that gaining affiliates is all about that little button at the top of your sites with 80% for affiliates written in big letters. Hey, we spend money to promote free products to build our lists all the time, why can't we do the same for our affiliates?

Well we can, and to be honest, one good affiliate is more valuable than a hundred subscribers, even a thousand subscribers in my eyes, for the simple reason that they may have an audience of tens or even hundreds of thousands on their lists that they're willing to give you access to. (trust me on this, it really works)

Imagine the resources that would land in your lap, and the power you'll have for future promotion when a few ads like that start to go out. 

So the rule here is just this. If you're following the charts we've put up for you, this guide or a modified version of it, built around your own needs, and your commissions are higher than the average fifty percent, go ahead and make sure people know about it through your promotion. 

Make it a prime concern of yours and you won’t be disappointed. 

Its working for me and as I can show you,

I am paying 100% commissions on Extreme List Building System to my affiliates and working like a charm. I have been using this strategy for some time, and not only builds my list, it actually doubles it, thanks the efforts of my own affiliates, is like having a full time autopilot system working.    Click Here

Think about it


Bruno Duarte
 / Homebiz Essentials

PS: Keep an eye out for my tomorrow´s post where I will be working on how to create JV Partnerships through your list :)

This article was published on 19.01.2016 by Bruno Duarte
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