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Attraction marketing is a beautiful thing, It will have people coming to you in order to join your business if you do it right. most people who do attraction marketing have hundreds of messages and friend request daily just based off of what they post and how they brand themselves on social media.Lets go over some basics about branding and how to attract people who want your lifestyle.


Branding is pretty basic so im not going to go into alot of details about it but what i will do is cover the basics of do's and do nots of branding yourself.  What is branding? Branding is when you revamp your social media profile to attract the type of people who desire your lifestyle. If all you post is boring pics then nobody will view you as a successful entrepreneur. A few things that are really important when branding yourself are profile pic, cover photo, content you post. If you have just a selfie of you in a bathroom then nobody is going to take you serious....if you've ever seen those pictures of the people on vacation in a beach chair relaxing with a laptop on there lap working then those are the type of pics you want so as soon as you go on a vacation somewhere beautiful tell a friend to take a pic of you, Use an editor and edit the pic so it looks real good and post it as your profile pic. your cover photo should be of another lifestyle pic as well. Now lets cover the type of content you should be posting... dont post negative post on social media because it makes you look unprofessional and people wont take you serious, also dont post about your business 24/7 because that makes you look like all you want to do is take away from people and it makes you look like you're desperate and weak. Always be willing to give people advice and offer them some type  value whether that be an E-book relating to there business or personal growth. it doesnt have to be an E-book you personally wrote although that is recommended  and make sure its free. there are hundreds of free e-books online.Your profile naturally  comes up on the people you may know section of facebook so hundred and even thousands of people see your  profile daily whether you know it or not. Brand yourself correctly and your profile will attract people and they will naturally be curious to look at it naturally just based off your profile pic.

This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Deontae Word
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Robert Penatzer Thanks, Great artical i am working on that. It will be part of your success. Aesome  1 year ago

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