What is SFG / Symmetry Financial Group and is it legit?


Is it for real and is it legit?

Symmetry Financial Group is what is called an IMO or Insurance Marketing Organization in the insurance industry. IMO's have grown and become quite prevalent over the past 10-15 years and will continue to do so.

So is Symmetry for real? Are they legit?

Symmetry definitely is a fully legit insurance marketing organization that has relationships with over 40 of the top rated carriers in the country. This allows their agents to be able to provide the most coverage for the least cost with the top rated insurance companies for their clients. Being independent agents, they are not stuck with only offering one particular companies products.

What is the agent opportunity with Symmetry?

Symmetry it growing rapidly and is needing more agents to help the families that have asked us to provide quotes to them for coverage. The new agent with Symmetry will quickly learn that the systems for marketing, training and growing are fully in place. The road map to follow with Symmetry has been time tested and proven.

Who is the Symmetry Agent Opportunity for?

This business is best suited for someone that isn't looking for a job, a boss or a time clock to punch. With that said, it isn't suited for someone that can't work on a "commission" basis. If you have to have a "steady paycheck" that is steadily stuck at the same amount, this probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if you have the drive to succeed, a passion to truly help families and are coachable, this just might be a great business for you!

How do agents find people to help?

Symmetry has their own proprietary lead generation system that agents can subscribe to. The leads are generated exclusively for Symmetry agents and are not being called by 15 other agents at competing companies. There is even a lead cost sharing system in place. This means that the leads are actually subsidized by the company to help keep the costs down for the agents.

How can I apply/learn more?

To find out more about Symmetry as a company, more about what a typical agent does and earns, visit here,LEARN MOREOnce on the site, watch the two short videos, complete the 2nd step and then make sure to book an initial interview if you see this as a way forward for yourself and your career.


We look forward to learning more about yourself and if this would be a good fit for both you and us.

This article was published on 21.05.2020 by Wesley P Engbrecht
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