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Good day, my name is Steven and I was drowning in debt! My wife and I had to move from our rented home because the owner was selling, so we purchased a home, which doubled our monthly payment. We had an accident and totaled our truck, which landed me in the hospital and us in a rented vehicle for a short time. We then had to purchase one. 

The bills were coming in faster than we could imagine and we needed a way out, quickly. We both started looking into home based businesses and found one that looked very promising as it was all about credit repair, which, it seemed, almost everyone needed. Our trouble was that we both worked full-time jobs and had an hour each way, every day, to commute, leaving us tired and without a lot of free time to prospect for clients. 

The monthly payment for being a member of this company felt like just another bill to me and sadly, our credit scores were not on the rise; I opted to quit the company while my wife stayed in. I continued to look and then, one day the light came on for me. My issue was not so much derogatory items on my credit report, but high utilization! I realized that there were basically 2 sides to a credit report – negative items that needed removal, and utilization.  

If a person disputes the negative items and gets them removed, their score will go up, but quite possibly not a significant amount if their utilization is high. If, on the other hand, a person focused on paying down the debts, then the utilization would go down and the score would rise faster because 35% of a person’s credit report is based on utilization. The trouble for me was how to pay down the debts without adding income or paying more than I was already paying! Maybe you’re there as well; we can help!

I was introduced to a company that has eliminated more than 2 billion in consumer debt in the last 10 years; a company that can, when their methods are followed, eliminate a 30 year mortgage in fewer than 10, and maybe you don't have a mortgage, that's ok too. They started with a focus on mortgages, but have grown to include ALL debt; auto loans, credit cards, student loans, signature loans, payday loans or any other type of debt you may have.

One story I heard about recently was about a 60 year old couple that had just refinanced their home, had not even made the first payment on that new mortgage, and was looking at how to pay it off in sooner. Their advisor input the mortgage and the rest of their debt into the analysis software and found they could be completely debt free in less than 5 years, mortgage included. I know that sounds amazing, but it is true. 

If you would like to learn more, please click the link below. Read through our free e-book!


Thank you, and have a great day! 

This article was published on 18.11.2019 by Steven Kinser
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