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My name is Petrine. I am an independent investor in Mirror Trading International. I am an optimistic person who loves business so much, that I take on any opportunity presented to me if it promises to earn me an extra income. Like many people around the world, I have joined MLM businesses that have cost me quite a lot of money in trying to buy packages or trying to buy into the business with a Better capital that will give me a Better chance to earn Better returns. I HAVE FAILED MANY TIMES.

This was until I was introduced to Mirror Trading International (MTI) by a friend. Mind you, I have never been a Cryptocurrency type of girl. That concept was very foreign to me, although I had known about it for quite some time now. My friend gave me an overview of the company and what they do, and without hesitation I asked for her link so that i can invest. Now at this point you are probably wondering when will i get to the point; don't worry good, things come to those who wait.

Why I invested with MTI

Mirror Trading International is a South African registered company that offers trading services to its members. The company was started last year April 2019, so it is just over a year old. MTI offers an opportunity to those who are beginners and to seasoned Traders to grow their bitcoin portfolio. What I have come to find out about this great company is that MTI is For its members; what do I mean by that you ask:

  • There are no joining fees
  • No administration fees
  • No packages
  • No withdrawal fees
  • And no expiration of your BTC capital

I know at this point, many who like me have forked out thousands and hundreds of thousands in the form of the a fore mentioned fees, (packaged as upgrades or whatever else we have been told) with other businesses are finding it hard to believe. Believe me, this is not a scam. MTI is truly for the ones who are trying their hand at whatever they can to salvage their hard earned money from being swallowed up by financial institutions and the current economic situation.

MTI Investor presentation:


What You need to become a member

Firstly, you will need a link of the person that introduced you to the business to create your free MTI account. You then fund your account with a minimum USD 100 worth of Bitcoin which you can buy from any platform if you do not own Bitcoin already. You then sit back and watch your investment grow from the Daily Trading profits, which are automatically added to your account. The company does daily tradings on FOREX from Monday to Friday; therefore members do not need to have trading knowledge. MTI is purely Bitcoin based; that means your account base currency is Bitcoin.

I have been with the company for less than 3 weeks, and i am a happy camper. MTI offers members a Truly Passive Income both from daily tradings and also from the great referral program that the company offers as a option. Members can earn binary bonuses weekly through the referral program. You also a once off earn 10% of the total amount invested by every person you personally refer. This is the first time I am encountering a business that is actually truly out to help people make money and improve their lives with no hidden agenda. WITH MTI WHAT THEY SAY IS REALLY WHAT THEY DO!! I am not just saying that to get you to invest; I am also just an investor.

Some members have reported of having made 100% returns on their investments already, and some are making THREE TIMES their monthly expenses needs just from the binary bonuses alone!! This is the reason why even experienced Forex Traders are rushing to invest with MTI. BECAUSE OF THE GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IT OFFERS!!

What I Love about this company is, and I will say it again; What They Say Is What They Do.

Dont let a negative mindset about Bitcoin, online businesses or fear keep you from making what could be the best financial decision you will ever make.

If you would like to be a part this great financial business opportunity click on the link below and join TODAY.


WhatsApp contact +264812236932


This article was published on 06.07.2020 by Petrine Paulus
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Mirror Trading International - Bitcoin, affiliate, Free to join

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