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I love helping people! My aim in life is to help as many people as possible secure their own financial futures within 12 months and here’s how I do it… I combine the cash-flow generating ability from a number of very successfully, verified and legitimate online business platforms to generate in excess of $2000 per week of passive, off-shore, residual income. DISCLAIMER – As we all know, nothing online is guaranteed and your results may be very different from mine! 

I don’t claim that my strategies are unique and you may be involved already with some of these online platforms, in which case I will not violate any lines of sponsorship – I am not in the business of pouching people, but rather just a fellow online entrepreneur who has lost a lot of money online, made it all back and even more on top of that and who wants to help others achieve success online as well. 

As with all online platforms, you need to put something in, in order to get  something out and the more you put in, the larger the output over the same period will be. 

That said, I will only introduce you to one of these platforms at this time, as  it currently has the highest potential to generate a tremendous amount of cash-flow in a very short amount of time and the minimum input required to start generating passive income is only a onetime fee of $10 (you can register for FREE and also start earning immediately, but the result will just take longer – for a limited time, all new registrations also gets a gift worth $10 so it really is a no-brainer). 

Also, as with all online platforms, this one has different levels of packages and  the higher the level you can start with, the larger your output will be within the same amount of time. But taking into account where most people are at financially, a $10 once-off start-up fee is mostly acceptable to us all, so that we can first check things out for ourselves and $10 is also a sensible and very achievable amount for 99% of people out there. 

Once you have this platform performing to its potential, if you still want to, I will  introduce you to the others and you can invest the daily funds generated form this platform, to start-up the others. But to be very honest, the earning potential from just this one platform is so massive, that you may achieve your financial goals with it alone and may not want to start-up anything else. 

The system is called FutureNET Multimedia Networking Club!

It offers a number of different platforms to generate cash-flow from, including a  Multimedia Video platform, an AdPack type RevShare platform and a Social Networking platform – and this is the platform which we will focus on to start with. 

This Social Networking platform combines the very best features of Facebook  with a friends-tree matrix rewards system. It works like Facebook, with a similar interface and a mobile app, but with the difference of paying you for being active on the platform, by making connections (friends), messaging, posting, liking, sharing and even for just logging in and checking your status - everything that we are used to doing on Facebook today in anyway, but now get rewarded handsomely for doing it! 

My primary reason for starting to use it originally was to expose my online  business offerings to the massive online community that FutureNet offers and my results were simply astounding! 

I starting using the platform four weeks ago paying only the $10 minimum fee  and I already received that paid back to me more than 6 times in rewards from the platform. 

As I write this, I have already made 4306 new connections (friends), all new  people seeing my online business posts and in the last 24 hours alone I've had more than 147 new inquires. Now as you know, there is just simply no way that I would have been able to achieve this on Facebook in just two weeks. Also, there is another huge difference in that all these people are not just people who want to socialise online – they are all people looking for new online business opportunities. 

Many of them are from parts of the world where English is their 2nd language.  These are people whom I never would have been able to reach with my online business opportunities posts through my usual channels like Facebook or other online traffic and advertising platforms, due to these platforms simply not focusing on non-English speaking countries. 

Through the FutureNet platform and my newly made connections, I am now  expanding the exposure of my online business opportunities into countries that speak good English, but also German, Czech, French, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Romania, Russian, Slovak, Thai, Turkey and Ukrainian. All people hungry for home-based or online business opportunities. That said, I also made a lot of connections form Australia, Great Britten, Africa, the US, Japan and even the Philippines – so the platform is widely used throughout the world. 

And like I said, the best part is that I get rewarded by FutureNet for simply being  active on the platform and promoting my online business opportunities through posts, something that I would have been doing anyway. It has an awesome compensation model that generously rewards its members simply for connecting, making friends, Liking & Sharing posts, and helping others to do the same.   

FutureNet also has many payment processors, including BitCoin. They have 6 package levels to choose from ($10, $35, $85, $185, $685 and $1685) called matrices, making it very affordable and possible for anyone to register at any level and you can start small and upgrade to the next level by simply paying in the difference between your current package and the one you want to upgrade to – you can even use the money you made with FutureNet to upgrade to the next level as soon as you have enough. This makes it possible for people with very little finances to make a start toward turning their finances around with just a $10 input. 

The person who introduced me to FutureNet (my sponsor) upgraded to the  top-level package costing $1685 and within his first 2 weeks made more than $15,000 back, averaging more than $1000 per day and he just recently hit his first $3000 day! 

FutureNet is without a doubt the future of Social Networking, and I am very proud  to be a part of it and would highly recommend it to all!

Try it and see for yourself. Simply register with the entry-level package for only $10 (you should  be able to make it back within a few days by just being active on the platform while you try it out - it took my just under two weeks to get my input back 6 times). After registering, send me a friend request on the platform (just like you would in Facebook) and I will help you get started. 

Sign-up by following this link:


David Kruger

This article was published on 14.04.2016 by David Kruger
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