Discover how I travelled over 150 times in less than 18 months.

One day in June my friend invited me to his house to see an opportunity, by the way, I would have used IDEA, anyways, he said it was in the space of travel, and I didn’t have absolute trust in him, as nothing he has ever done ever worked, after pressuring me to come and see it, I arrive two months later to his house and tries to pitch me on the idea, technically you have to show the idea to people you can watch it here, select the country your from and press play on video 2, video 1 and 3 can be watched later, I never saw the idea, all he said to me dude you travel all over the world anyways, so why not grab your airline tickets cheaper and hotels and rental cars, and I know you don’t go by cruise anyways however you have access to that too, so to cut a long story short and to avoid watching the video that your supposed to see, I made him a deal, if you say this can do just that grab me a cheaper flight with the carriers I fly with including Qantas, I’ll do it if, the membership fee is absorb with my first travel ticket, well funny him, he didn’t and had never logged into the website since he joined on 2 June 2014, now it is 11 August 2014 and I’m the first person that logs into his newly aspired venture into travel, although enthusiastic, I knew that he never had the drive to strive to be better than he already is, so I was open minded and being an accountant stuck in between four walls on a daily basis, I logged into his account, and to my surprise, the same airfare I was going to book to Thailand which I had to go anyway, because of my clients investments properties that I needed to go for some meetings, the flight was 620 USD in comparison the that’s was for the same day, same flight same connection was $1,420 AUD, which at the time was about a $700 Saving, then to further the search, I booked a hotel right on the beach for $15.37 USD a night, which I thought was a bargain considering I used to pay $199 per night USD, so the first trip I saved over a two week period of $4,800 USD, so I joined, then as I did that, I felt no so good, what if this was all a scam, what if arrive at the airport and there is no ticket or no hotel room when I arrive there, well, your credit card company is ok for thirty days and because the trip was one week away I thought look worst case scenario, I’ll get my money back, well to my dismay, I search my frequent flyer app within three minutes of booking and as I placed my frequent flyer card in the system when booking the airline ticket, I had search my Qantas app, and I found the same booking there, the same day the same airfare, the same connection, so that’s when my belief levels went up for this company, so if this is true about traveling cheaper, would you do it? Would you not travel if you saved so much money every time, and the number one reason why people don’t travel often is because of money, because if they had the money they could also have the time to spend it, and this is what this company exactly does this, buys back your time and pays you to build teams with a passive residual income and upfront commissions and team bonus, just for doing what you were going to do anyway. I’m coaching people to earn their way to a holiday of their lifetime.

This article was published on 17.06.2016 by Emmanuel Sarris
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