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Infinii, is making it easy with better tools and opportunities to help make the average person money through eCommerce.

Infinii will officially launch December of 2015.

Right now INFINii is in prelaunch, invitation only…

IF you find this interesting, email me back and I will send you an invitation!!


Infinii Reviews – The Products

Like all the good business opportunities out there, the products must be unique and in demand.

Infinii has three joining levels and each level unlocks more tools and opportunities.

Prime ($49.95 per month)

Learn how to sell on eBay drop shipping:

This will include over the shoulder step by step training.

Drop shipping just means we list items from a supplier site onto eBay for a profit.

So once the item sells on eBay for that profit, you head over to that supplier site place the order and send it to your customer direct.

This way you never touch the products yourself…

It’s like making money out of thin air lol.

This will make shopping fun because you can actually make money

Tier 1 Product Coop Opportunities – More on this later in the post.

Surge ($149.95 per month)

This will include everything Prime has plus the following:

You will an Automation and Analytic platforms that make season item suggestions so you know what hot items are selling in different times of the year.

With those tools, you will also find out what your best selling items are, your worst selling items and will give you suggestions to add and remove items as needed.

This will help with the growth of your business.

This will be for both eBay and Amazon selling.

Also, you will get access to Tier 2 product coop opportunities 

Excel ($399.95 per month)

This membership includes everything from Prime and Surge.

This is what you get extra:

Amazon FBA training:

You will get step by step training on how to source items from wholesalers

Again, FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon which means you send in the products to Amazon and they take care of everything for you.

Amazon drop shipping training where you will get access to the Infinii marketplace to buy items from.

When you are sending your items to your customer, it will look like it’s coming from you with your information.

The marketplace will access to individual items you can drop ship.

Also depending on the level you are on (Prime, Surge, and Excel), you will get more discounts with the higher memberships.

You will also get special software that reprice your items so you get the buy box.

Also there is will be an inventory management tool if you are drop shipping to make sure there are no price changes or out of stock items

Our system allows you to

generate profits with:

The INFINii model

NO Inventory

NO Upfront Costs

NO Traffic Generation

NO Shipping and Management

The INFINii model is proven $2.5 billion in sales in first 2 years

Our stats show, INFINii members earn 6X more on eBay and 7.2X more on Amazon than the avg. seller

Join and see:

Watch the replay Webinar

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