There are many sites to earn free bitcoins, but before I tell where to go, I also need to let you know that there are sites out there that are Ponzi's and schemes. Yes even in bitcoins you have to be careful who you deal with. Some sites out there are out to steal from you any way they can. That's why it's important to make sure whoever you deal with is encrypted. And that goes for your bitcoin wallets as well.

I will be sharing with you the sites I use to earn free bitcoins and also the safest wallets to store them in. Below I am adding a site that will help you to stay away from the bad guys out there. This site is very useful and informative and will help you steer clear of things.

Let me add that with anything on the internet we are always vulnerable to hacks so even though I share things that can keep you safe, there is always that possibility that a hacker can get in. So please be advised.

Here is the site that will help you steer clear of bad bitcoin sites and the like.

We want Bitcoin & The Blockchain to be a successful evolution in the way we trade, bank and exchange contracts, and so we aren't going to let a load of scammers and cheap thieves endanger this movement. Bitcoin, simply put, is a store of value, however, the blockchain it is carried on changes everything.

Start learning about it safely.

The following site I am posting here is

Crypto-Currency Market CapitalizationsThis site shows you market values and charts you should learn to keep up with as the time comes for you to buy & sell your bitcoins and or trade them in for USD.

Here I will share with you the wallets I use to keep my bitcoins in.

The first one is Coinbase I got started using this one through Opportunity Launch. Here is the link for a coin base account wallet to get you set up.

But wait there is one more for you.


Both of these sites are encrypted for your safety.

On the coin base site, you can also create your own vault.

Along with being able to buy and sell bitcoins.

Here is a video that will help with the understaning of bitcoins and how they work. The sooner you get started the sooner you will start earning and the sooner you will have a secure income in your wallets for future use.

Tip of the week - Get started with PTC sites

PTC means 'Pay to Click'. You are rewarded for viewing adverts or other work, and it is a good place to begin your venture into the world of bitcoin. Earn small amounts while you learn how it all works and then you can step out safely into mining and other investments.some paying PTC sites in our Safelists We aim to be super cautious in recommending these sites to you, but overwhelming demand dictates that we should have some sort of 'good list' and so we're making a start on one, in the hope that it won't come back and bite us right in our reputation.

This article was published on 24.05.2016 by Deborah Chezem
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