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What if a cancer research foundation wanted to work with YOU?

Seriously! What if you were a business builder with a nutritional company that has the world's best Immune system modulating products that are so efficacious that the Cancer research foundation came to your company and wanted you to team up with her in Brain cancer trials at the Mayo clinic?

Ask yourself, 'could this be huge?'  What do you think? I mean to tell you what an opportunity!

Here's the story... at age 5 she knew her life was destined to find the cure for cancer. While in grad school she was able to develop what turned out to get 9 out of 10 cancer patients well. Not pleased with those numbers she has went on to search for the worlds best means for modulating the immune system. She knew that the pharmaceutical industry couldn't provide what is truly needed.

Then one day her sister comes to her announcing that she has been diagnosed with brain cancer. In case you are not aware brain cancer is the hardest form of cancer to get rid of. With her plans to start the trials major funding would be needed. First thing to do is find funding.  Talking with funding experts she was told to hook up with a Social Business. You do know what social business is don’t you?

Here’s where it gets interesting. By chance this doctor learns about Evolv Health. Learns about the power of Acemannan in their product Immun. Learns about their Hemp oil Entourage². Learns that they have the science to show why their products work. Learns that Evolv Health is a Social Business. At this point she wanted to test the products.

Months before the trials were actually to begin she began giving the Evolv Immun and Entourage² to her sister and others. In a matter of weeks she called the president of the company asking if they would be interested in partnering with her foundation in said trials because the cancer patients she had started giving the product to were seeing amazing results.  As a matter of fact her sister has no sign of tumors and the trial has yet to begin.

These products are not specifically for cancer. Evolv Healths products are not me to products. Evolv Healths products support systems of the body NOT symptoms. She liked the products because they support the entire Immune system. Does not elevate it to the point of causing an auto immune condition. Regulates it down when the Immune system rages out of control.

Do you know anyone with Immune system problems? Do you suppose there is a world of people praying for Hope? Would you like to be able to provide that hope?

Here’s my site,, How about coming to work with me? The compensation is superb. The best part is when people hug your neck and thank you for allowing them to get their life back.

Thanks, Doug

This article was published on 26.07.2019 by Doug Dye
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