The LIKESXL Business model

First let’s get you started direct link for signup ensure that the sponsor number is in place, then fill out the form.  This is free and you can do this just to look around with no obligation at all.

Once that’s done let me explain exactly what you’re looking at and how it works.

likesxl is a simple concept (its similar to many other systems like map, banner monsoon, getmyadds) with a few crucial differences.

•    outside income from there card systems

•    outside income from blue chip advertisers

•    money is guaranteed by a Swiss trustee

•    has already been fully investigated and deemed fully compliant by the Swiss and American governments.

the idea is you buy an advertising pack (1500 views) you can use the advert to advertise your any other site and make more money. I find the traffic ok for conversion i get about 1 purchase from 1000 clicks generally.

each pack costs 50euro and you get 60euro back that’s 20% profit the rewards given hourly meaning you can buy more packs with your earnings and get paid on them as well. The normal is 125 days to get your 20 percent so 60% a year profit but that varies.

the idea is if you get to 900 packs with 0 downline you will be making 2.5k a month profit and maintain your 900 packs, meaning that’s a permanent passive residual income. of course you can pull out more money and let the packs slide back a bit. However, you can realistically stop at any point 900 is the max so always been my goal.

The real magic happens if you can recruit, as you get 5 levels of commission. Meaning if you recruit someone and they recruit and they recruit and they recruit you still get commission from the ad packs they buy. If you recruit people that have the same idea to build up there packs it’s a lot of daily commissions. There’s 1 girl who has made over 30k in commission’s alone in just 3 months.

The magic starts to happen at 120 packs as at that point your earning a new pack every day, so that’s the ideal entry point. However, that’s more than most can afford. I started with a lot less.

each day you have to watch 3 mins of ads. This is how they gain a lot of their traffic the bonus is the people looking at the ads are all mlm marketers (as there in likesxl) so the ads you want to show get good results. Sharon (one of the likesxl leaders) made 60k in 3 months with exodus elite.

your earnings are split into 2 parts the main earnings and promotional budget the promotional budget is on top of the previously described earnings.

there’s a monthly membership (first month is free) but you can pay for this out of your promotional earnings assuming you have enough packs. You can also buy more adverts with promotional earnings, earn points and save for bonus things like gold bars etc.

I’m telling you this so you know what you’re getting into and hopefully how to sell it to your friends’ family and on Facebook. it’s not a fast earner or get rich quick scheme, it’s a slow burner and long term plan creating more of a permanent residual income.

the following are very useful YouTube links to reviews a video showing 3 months of a normal member

Recently the company have made us a load of nice landing pages you can actually just edit the number on the link to your membership number and they work for you.

This article was published on 10.10.2016 by Scott Etherington
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