Icharity ( networking with a difference )

Icharity is a member to member donation platform with no company account or products to sell! It's all about giving and Receiving donations! Below describes how it works in different levels. 

Grade 1 ( Registration Stage )

 You donate the sum of 20$ (N6,000 )to your upline ( the person who registered you ). Doing that means you're now part of the team then and only then can you go out to invite five of your friends who will in turn pay the sum of 20$ (6,000) each to you to get to grade 1 also

Total donation received N30,000.

Grade 2. ( Growth Stage )

You donate N12,000 (40$) to the person to steps above you ie your upline's upline and then 25 persons ( the direct 5 under you will go out and get their 5 each making 25 ) will donate N12,000 each back to you. Total donation received N300,000. 

Grade 3. You donate N24,000 ( 80$ ) 3 steps up and 125 persons donate N22,200 each back to you.

Total donation received N2,250,000.

Grade 4.

You donate N30,000 and 625 persons donate N30,000 each back to you.

Total donation received N18,750,000. 

Grade 5.

You donate N60,000 and 3125 persons donate N60,000 each back to you.

Total donation received N187,500,000.

Grade 6.

You donate N90,000 and 15625 persons donate N90,000 each back to you.

Total donation received N1,406,250,000.

Grade 7.

You donate N120,000 and 78125 persons donate N120,000 each back to you. Total donation received N9,375,000,000.

Grade 9.

You donate N210,000 and 1953125 persons donate N210,000 each back to you. Total donation received N410,156,250,000.                                                                                                                                                

Down to Grade 15 Just by donating and receiving donations....nothing else but just 100% member to member donation platform. Payable directly into your local bank account.

HURRY NOW!!!!!!!! All that is needed is just your first HELP/DONATION which is N6,000 and that's the only help/donation directly from your purse/pocket; then get/look for your 5 persons to form your team and the spreading start s immediately.

Use the links below to register



Register today to gain your financial freedom!! 

This article was published on 13.10.2016 by Allen Ossuetta
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