Enclosed Is A Map To Financial Freedom...

If You're Reading This. You Have Been Given The Keys To A Financial Treasure Chest. Take Everything Enclosed Very Personally:

I've been waiting to discover a system powerful enough to change financially the lives of anybody whose willing to be discipline enough to consistently follow a proven Savings Wealth Strategy.  

Hi, I'm Wesley Careuthers, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few powerful videos that when you watch, will absolutely change the way you look at money. And my goal is to teach you how to start saving properly and obtain Wealth thru saving in gold.  

See for the past 5 months. I've been involved with a powerful Affiliate acquisition company called Karatbars International. This company is mirroring the 11 Billion dollar powerhouse company known as Amazon. Like Amazon, the power and wealth is in the Affiliate referrals system. In Karatbars, we save in gold and teach others to do the same. It actually took me awhile to accept and figure out that any successful Affiliate was consistently using this strategy. 

Do your research. There's big money in Affiliate acquisition programs. With Karatbars you just follow 3 steps. Sign up FREE, save in gold, and teach others this same opportunity. By sharing this opportunity, you are helping and empowering other family's to make a decision to either stay at that job for 25+yrs or be able to give that job an early expiration date. Many reading this email are probably thinking, how?  This company pays in both cash and gold grams. The highest paydays are for both saving gold on a consistent basis and for Affiliate acquisition(Referrals). This action helps the company grow and expand. And we affiliates are rewarded handsomely for it. The CEO's mission is to get the Gold Standard back. Gold is the real money. And is the only way we the people can obtain true wealth. Gold remains constant. And is protection against inflation.

When you join, become an FREE Affiliate. You have the option to be a part of a team, or work completely independently. When, I first joined. I thought, "I make over 100K+ annually, I'll help a few friends and family participate in the team strategy." Didn't go as planned. Most did absolutely nothing after this PIF gift from me. I'm tired of caring about family and friends success more then they do. So I decided to help and reach out to like minded people.

 Over the past few weeks. I've been really studying and researching what the Wealthy our teaching. And what All the most successful Affiliates and even a few people that I've invited have figured out, before me. Success in any business involves acquiring customers. Karatbars is no different. The main difference is with Karatbars you are not forced to do anything. If you do nothing that's what you will get, nothing. 

However, if you follow one of their proven strategies success will come in 12 weeks, 24weeks, 12 months or even 12 years. You are FREE to choose your pace. But if you are like me and many others looking to retire in 6 months or less, to really earn and grow your INCOME fast you need to share this with others. You lose money if you are quiet or selfish.  

Affiliate acquisition programs pay it's Affiliates for helping to acquire new BP's and Affiliates. Simple task. Just invite others to watch a video. Don't try and explain. Don't try an convince. And don't bother worrying if a person JOINS or not.  

 History and statistics shows, 95% of Americans don't know this opportunity even exist. And, most Americans and people across the world would rather have a Home Based business then work for a supervisor. Most just are not aware of how to get started. So the video does all the explaining for you. Don't wanna trade one job for another. It can take hours explaining. So, if a person is serious, they will watch the entire video. They will discover an opportunity to acquiring financial freedom.

This program has been in place for 10yrs now. However, many don't know this opportunity even exist. For the blessed individuals and family's who have been introduced to this and have implemented one of their proven wealth strategies suggested. All have retired from working a day job. And our now, full time, in business for themselves.  

My goal for sending out this life changing info is to expose this savings wealth opportunity to as many I can. You need to know there is a much better way to live. Your time is an Asset that can never be gained back. And the only true financial freedom is being in business for yourself. Obtaining business opportunities that allow money to work for you, even when your sleep or vacationing. So many lives will be changed once this concept is realized. "Make money work for you, instead of you working for money." 

 Here's a 9min presentation on the importance of saving in gold. And how thru Karatbars International, people can join/start FREE: https://youtu.be/7vF1wcQXZjs

Here's the Free gold savings sign up link with Karatbars International...Sign up as, Affiliate. https://lp1.kb-universe.com/?referer=map2goldwealth

 Wesley Careuthers(Karatbars Gold Director) 

Call Or Text If You Have Any Questions 


This article was published on 01.09.2019 by Wesley Careuthers
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