Dedicated to Providing Information of Value

Andre Frank here,

I've been making money online since the year 2000. I've seen a lot of things in my 16 years( time sure does fly by). I've learned a few things in those years and I've always committed to providing value and being ethical in everything I do. Having money is great but if you are not ethical and honest, it really means very little and your success will be short lived.

There are so many things changing on a daily basis that sometimes a little consistency does go a long way. 

On the other side of the coin If you are stuck in a rut, then a little change can be very refreshing. 

What does changes and stability have to do with online income? 

Well a few things.. 

Constantly changing up your Marketing to get better results is a good change that provides stability with the results. Constantly changing how we get our income can be a bad change with no stability. 

Focus and simplicity are hard things to do when it comes to making money online.

 There are SO MANY offers, gurus, systems, plans, sources, coaches, blah, blah, blah.

The more distractions you have = the more you WILL NOT succeed ! 

I've learned this personally, and in doing so I'm simplifying my system

(this doesn't mean I am not participating in other programs)

This just means I have a new simplified focal point.

If you are in an online business, then you must understand how important it is to have a steady torrent of traffic hitting your websites. No traffic = No business

If You look back at the title of this announcement: "Dedicated to Providing Information of Value", I'm going to share one of my Gold Nuggets with you just to introduce myself to you.

This Free system works because you can share it with everyone on your Team to help them get traffic and leads to whatever business(s) you are promoting.

I call it a smorgasbord approach (that works)

P.S. I want to be totally transparent: There's a Free Version and a paid version. You can start with the Free version to see the incredible results it will produce for you and your team and if you decide to upgrade, that's totally up to you!!

To Your Success,

Andre Frank

This article was published on 28.04.2016 by Andre Frank
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