I’m very please to introduce to you the keys elements of smartchange, the concept in which you should enroll now.

My name is Moses LOUKOU; I’ve been in networking for some years now.

When I came across smartchange, the 1st thing which got my attention is slogan of the company:

For the people by the people

This slogan was created by the 3 co-founders of the company. HELVADO LOZENE and ANGELINA SA (a Brazilian couple) and Philippe ALEXER from the West Indies.

All together, they have more than 50 years of experiences in the networking industry.

The second thing is the main ideal of the product.

They are proposing to anyone willing to promote this activity to make money with their cell phone by using a simple application.

What I like again in this concept, it is the interest that the system has for companies.

The idea is to propose a real networking plan to companies by getting them to save some cash in using a simple application for their financial transactions.

Yes all the traders will tell you that the commissions taken by their banks for financial transaction by credit cards are too HIGH.

Smartchange is therefore the application through which either companies or individuals will see their way of doing business completely changed.


Smartchange is an INTELIGENT new way of payment, a real bank in your hands.

By this application, you will be able to transfer money from application to application free of charge.  

You will be able to do payments directly with traders who will have our system of payment.

This payment system is totally secure because of the QR CODE.

Indeed for every payment that you do, the code generated by the Q R CODE changes.

Smartchange is therefore the fastest, simplest and the surest system of payment. Statistics show that we have over 500 000 000 Euros of fraud on credit cards in France in 2014.

So how does it work?

As member of the group, you will propose to your favorite traders to download the application for free, they will save up to75% on every transaction they will do. No maintenance cost.

You as a member of the group will receive commissions on every transaction done by the affiliated traders.

You have 10 ways of making money

1-     Sharing the turnover

2-        The binary

3-    Direct referral

4-    Indirect recommendation….  

But what shall we do to take advantage of all this you may wonder?

1-    Even those who do not have money to take a franchise in the beginning. They can start as a smart freelancer “for free” and advertise their link on social Medias and make money.

2-    But if you pay the signup fee of 30 Euros, you become smart freelancer + and you are positioned in the binary plan.  

3-    The 3rd possibility they can to take a franchise and benefit from 10 different ways of the compensations plan named above.   

Of course like every networking Company with ambition, we have a carrier plan. Know that it is a plan which is accessible, and your efforts will be recognized.

 pre-register for FREE!!! :

+225 49 448 983

Skype: newblessings7


This article was published on 20.07.2016 by Loukou Konan
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